The Willows Vineyard and Their Barossa Valley (Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonesetter Shiraz, G Seven Grenache & Riesling) Wines

Willows Wines and Vineyard, Barossa Valley NSW Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonesetter Shiraz, G Seven Grenache & Riesling Award-Winning Barossa Valley Wines

From Bone Setting to Award-Winning Barossa Valley Wines – Introducing The Willows Vineyard

Hello wine team! It is great to be back to talk with you about our most beloved passion – Australian wine. Today we are introducing you to The Willows Vineyard, which has been owned and run by the Scholz family in the Barossa Valley since 1845. Willows wines include a Cabernet Sauvignon, the Bonesetter Shiraz, G Seven Grenache, Riesling and many more.

From the Willows Hospital to the Willows Vineyard!

Johann Gottfried ‘JG’ Scholz arrived in Australia as a bonesetter in 1845 after fleeing his homeland, religious persecution and serving as a bonesetter in the Prussian army(*1). Vines were planted around this time; however, the Scholz family were initially known for setting up the first private hospital in the area(*1,2).

The Willows Hospital supplied exemplary care, particularly in bone setting, which was mighty helpful for farmers and workers across the Barossa Valley at the time. During the 1930s, vine planting continued each year while the hospital continued serving the community for 30 years(*1,2).

The wine range from The Willows Vineyard is extensive, so we have selected four of our favourites to share with you today.

From the Willows Hospital to the Willows Vineyard!

Growing Conditions for Wines at The Willows Vineyard, Barossa Valley

• Semillon.
• Shiraz.
• Riesling.

• Grenache.
• Mataro.
• Cabernet Sauvignon.


The northern end of the Barossa (approximately one hour north of Adelaide)(*4).

Soil and Temperature:

Across a massive 200 acres, the Willows Vineyard has access to a range of naturally rich and diverse terroir(*4). Hardy sandy soils, clay and red-brown loam and deep alluvial soils bursting with natural organic matter provide optimal foundations for growing a diverse range of grape varieties(*3).

Fruits ripen leisurely thanks to gentle and crisp breezes which dance along the valley floor(*3). Average temperatures range from as low as three degrees Celsius during winter nights to tops of 29 degrees Celsius during the warmer months(*5).

What to Expect

With such optimal growing conditions, expect clear expressions and concentrated flavours across the range from The Willows Vineyard(*3).

A Closer Look at The Willows Wines

Summer Hill Wine Shop SHWS The Willows Vineyard

Let’s take a look at the four Willows wines we have chosen to review for today’s blog. First up is the Riesling followed by the Cabernet Sauvignon, G Seven Grenache and last but not least, the Bonesetter Shiraz.

2023 Riesling from The Willows Vineyard, Barossa Valley

Willows Wines and Vineyard, Barossa Valley NSW Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling Award-Winning Barossa Valley

Aroma: Intense notes of zesty limes and citrus.(*1,9).

Palate: Fresh and zesty however softer than Riesling from the Eden or Clare Valleys (for example)(*2,6). Softness comes, in part from the wine being made from 100% free-run juice. 

Finish: The explosion of zest and fruit from the palate continues through the finish. There is no part of the palate or finish that is left behind – thoroughly enjoyable!(*6).

Food Pairing Recommendation: Thai dishes such as Pad Thai, spicy curries, or garlic prawns(*6). You can also cellar this bottle to enjoy in a few years.

Price: From $15.99 per bottle.

2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from The Willows Vineyard, Barossa Valley

Aroma: A touch of mint is preceded by lifted, luscious red and dark fruits and a hint of eucalyptus. Complexity develops through the aromatics with savoury spices and dark chocolate(*7).

Palate: The huge red gum eucalyptus trees growing along the river give this Cabernet Sauvignon unique eucalyptus notes which perfectly complement the dark fruits(*2,7). The chocolate comes through as the fruits continue developing throughout the palate.

Finish: Savouriness from French Oak give the finish good structure for an extended finish(*7). 

Price: From $26 per bottle.

2021 G Seven Grenache from The Willows Vineyard, Barossa Valley

The Willows Wines and Vineyard, Barossa Valley NSW Bonesetter Shiraz, G Seven Grenache

This is one of the wines from the G Seven range.
You can
view the entire G Seven range on our website.

 Aroma: Lifted ripe red fruits, savoury spice and lavender(*2,8).

Palate: 100% old vine (1969) Grenache with a brilliant level of fruit concentration(*2,8). Peppercorns, graphite, and savoury earth follow on from raspberry and red liquorice for a complex and appealing palate(*8).

 Finish: Lovely, long finish with ruffled tannins(*2,8).

 Price: From $34 per bottle.

2019 Bonesetter Shiraz from The Willows Vineyard, Barossa Valley

The flagship red wine made in honour of the original healer (bonesetter) and founding father of The Willows Hospital, Johann Gottfried ‘JG’ Scholz is the Bonesetter Shiraz(*2,9).  

Aroma: A powerful mix of red and dark fruits sweep through the glass(*2,9).

Palate: Rich, structured, powerful, and intense thanks to premium planting, ripening, open fermentation, basket pressing, and two-year ageing in French Oak(*9). Need we say more? Dark fruits are balanced with good structure, fine tannins, and savoury oak(*9).

Finish: A powerful finish, and one which will grow in intensity and richness over the years(*9). 

Price: From $60 per bottle.

How Many Do I Need?

How many bones are in the human body? Buy as many as you would like to enjoy this red wine immediately or down the track.

As this red is going to cellar incredibly well for decades to come, you could buy a few bottles and open them at different stages over the coming years.

With seven generations of skill and knowledge passed down, we really think these wines are in the best possible place they have ever been. There is something for everyone in The Willows Vineyard’s range of wines.

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For other Barossa Shiraz, we recommend trying:

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