Wine Glass Hire Sydney



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Do you have a party coming up? Perhaps a wedding or banquet to organise and furnish, or a birthday bash to get ready for the big day? Maybe you just need a way to spice up a small dinner occasion and want a classy and elegant touch to your dining room décor.



Why not hire our wine glass service to add that finishing touch? We provide a reliable, easy and reasonable way of getting your function off the ground with an array of wine and champagne glasses that may be rented and returned without hassle. There’s no need to go out and buy dozens of glasses for one event. We’ve got that part of your planning already covered.

Simply place the order for the day of your event, as well as any wine you will be purchasing and we’ll make sure the glasses are set aside so that you have ample time to prepare for what’s really important. When your event is over, simply load up the glasses into the cases provided and return them back to our shop within the next couple of days. It’s that easy!

Better yet, if you are throwing a party or reception, why not self-cater your wine selection with some of our finest and varied wines? As we have limited quantities of glasses, unfortunately we cannot hire out our glasses without a purchase from our store, so it’s best to stock up.

Last but not least, please note that we only hire out wine and champagne glasses. (That means no mugs, pilsner glasses, martini glasses, or others.) And we do have a few things we’d like for you to keep in mind when using our glass hiring services here in Sydney.

These terms and conditions do apply to all glass hire orders (except where made void by our complementary service; please see below):

Terms and Conditions:

1.  With every purchase of a dozen bottles 48 glasses will be lent free of charge
2.  A washing fee of $2 per dozen glasses will apply and is payable at time of purchase
3.  A charge of $4 per glass will apply for all breakages and is payable at time of return
4.  Glasses must be returned within 48 hrs of the function and in the boxes they came in
5.  We do not hire out glasses with no purchase of wine from our store