Kurtz Family Red Wines: Grenache & Shiraz (Seven Sleepers, Boundary Row)

Kurtz Family Wines, Grenache & Shiraz, Seven Sleepers, Boundary Row Reds. 90 Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Barrossa Valley vineyard

90+ Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Aroma, Palate and Finish of Kurtz Family Vineyards’ Wines

Around 1,500 years ago, the Seven Sleepers awoke from their slumber in a cave in old Ephesus. At the time, no one could’ve predicted that the Seven Sleepers legend would be eternalised by a Barossa Valley vineyard. This is one of the stories shared via the wines of Kurtz Family Vineyards. From the Boundary Row Shiraz to the Centenarian Grenache – every bottle of Kurtz Family wines tells a story.

Read on for the Kurtz Family story, tasting notes, where to buy, and a nod to German folklore.

Humble Beginnings in Light Pass, Barossa Valley

Kurtz Family Wines 90 Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Barrossa Valley vineyard Quote

Over 90 years of grape growing. Multi-generational and family-owned. Award winning. Barossa Valley. Sound familiar? Sure, the Barossa Valley is home to other historic family-run vineyards however not all can be compared to Kurtz Family Vineyards.

Originally, grape growers, the Kurtz family have perfected grape growing generation after generation. The original vineyard, in the Light Pass area of the Barossa, has been nurtured for 90+ years by the Kurtz family(*1,2).

Sharing the Fruits of the Kurtz Family Vineyards Near and Far

With impeccable fruit comes impeccable wine. Who better to produce wine than the growers themselves? The family wanted to share the beautiful Barossa region and their fruit with everyone near and far(*1,2). Admittedly, the first year’s production was cherished so greatly by the family that they drank most of the wine with family and friends(*2). After that first year, Steve said, “We knew we were on the right track.”(*2) So, they increased production from very small to where they are now so they could share the fruits of their labour with friends all around the world.

Steve Kurtz: Fourth-Generation Kurtz Family Vineyards Custodian

In 1997, Steve joined the family business as their first winemaker(*1,2). He brought two decades of experience in winemaking alongside some of the greatest Australian winemakers, a degree in viticulture, and a fire in his belly(*1,2).

Kurtz Family Wines 90 Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Barrossa Valley vineyard

Seibenschler and the Seven Sleepers

According to German folklore, the weather on the 27th of June predicts what the weather will be like for the coming seven weeks. It (Siebenschler) is also a German holiday which celebrates the legend of the Seven Sleepers, dating back to 500AD in Ephesus(*2,3).

When you open a bottle of Kurtz Family Vineyards wine, you open a piece of Barossan history and share in the Kurtz family’s great passion for grape growing (and enjoying a good drop after a hard day’s work).

Kurtz Family Vineyards’ Red Wines

Tasting Notes for Centenarian Grenache, Seven Sleepers Shiraz & Boundary Row Shiraz

Kurtz Family Wines Centenarian Grenache Reds. 90 Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Barrossa Valley vineyard

Kurtz Family Vineyards, Barossa Legends, Charlie’s 2021 Centenarian Grenache, Barossa Valley

Tasting Notes

5 Stars – 95 Points (Wine Orbit)

Aroma: Exquisite berry aromas, warm spice, smoked poultry, and notes of cedar and oak(*4).
Palate: Velvety and plush up-front palate, excellent mouth feel and rich in flavours and complexity(*4).
Finish: Lasting and delectable(*4).

For sale in-store at Summer Hill Wine Shop (Click for Map).

Kurtz Family Vineyards, 2021 Seven Sleepers Shiraz, Barossa Valley

Tasting Notes

Ready to Drink or Short-Term Cellaring

• Aroma: Pleasant and fruit-forward blood plum, red liquorice and blueberry(*5).
Palate: Expressive, balanced fruit from Light Pass radiates with bold plum and berry flavours(*5). Oak gives the fruits and wine a gentle structure.
Finish: Pleasing, long-lasting flavour, softness, tamed structure that is not overbearing with ripe, delicate tannins(*5).
Price: For sale online and in-store from $15.99 per bottle.

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Kurtz Family Wines, Seven SleepersReds. 90 Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Barrossa Valley vineyard
Kurtz Family Wines Boundary Row Reds. 90 Years of Grape Growing Shine in the Barrossa Valley vineyard

Kurtz Family Vineyards, Boundary Row Shiraz

Tasting Notes

Drink Now or Medium-Term Cellaring

Aroma: Full of blackberry, chocolate and dark cherry character aptly supported by notes of dark liquorice, warm spice and mocha(*6).
Palate: Strong middle as is expected with quality Shiraz. Expect a fleshy, rich and full palate with mulberry, blood plum and black berry fruits. Complexity pours in with hints of mocha, chocolate and spice. Impressive balance of flavour and mouthfeel(*6).
Finish: An effortless, seemingly infinite and mouthwatering finish that surprises with savoury cedar and fine tannins(*6).

Price: For sale online and in-store from $22 per bottle

Will the Legend of Kurtz Family Vineyards Continue?

Time will tell. The good news is Steve has sons! We will be crossing our fingers that the Kurtz Family continues to stock our shelves and cellars with their exceptional wines for many more decades(*1).

Kurtz Family Wines for Sale Online and In-store

Open a Kurtz Family Wine Bursting with Stories Today

If you’re in Sydney, there is nothing better than driving to the Summer Hill Wine Shop store to browse the entire range of Barossa, Australian and imported wines.

Short on time? Phone your order in on (02) 9798 7282 or order online via our website. Click here to view all of the Kurtz Family Vineyards wines currently available online.


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