‘The Pass’ Pinot Gris & Sauvignon Blanc: New Zealand Wines

The Pass Wine Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand. Travel ‘The Pass’ Over the NZ Mountains One Bottle of Wine at a Time

Travel ‘The Pass’ Over the NZ Mountains One Bottle of Wine at a Time


Today, we are looking at two sensational white wines from The Pass in New Zealand. From the famous Marlborough wine region comes a Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc you will not want to pass on. (Excuse the pun – we could not help ourselves). This area is renowned for its intensely flavoured wines. The Pass winery carefully selects fruit to showcase the best flavours and characteristics of Marlborough wines. These wines emphasise balance, freshness, and structure. That’s not all though. They are both incredible value, starting at just $13.99 per bottle.

Journey to The Pass in New Zealand (One Bottle at a Time)

Where in Marlborough is The Pass Wines?

the pass wines marlborough sauvignon blanc landscape

The Pass is a real thoroughfare nestled between the Awatere and Wairau Valleys(*1).

If you cannot get to New Zealand, the next best way to journey the Pass is through these wines. The Pass wines grow and source fruit from vineyards in both the Awatere and Wairau Valleys(*2). Their wines are distinctive and characteristic of the local terroir. This makes them an ideal way to taste and experience the local area no matter where you are.

Sustainable Wines

Every plot is certified organic and sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand (SWNZ)(*2).  LET’S GO ON A JOURNEY TO THE PASS!

Tasting Notes for The Pass Wine’s Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc

Expect wines with intense flavours and strong characteristics highlighting the local terroir. As has come to be a standard of Marlborough wines and The Pass, these two wines are fresh, well-structured, and harmoniously balanced(*3).

Take a journey to the clouds in New Zealand in your own home.

The Pass Wines – 2020 Sauvignon Blanc

The Pass Wine Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc New Zealand.

The Pass Wine’s Sauvignon Blanc vintage is bright and fresh(*3). The fruit was picked from the most outstanding plots to create this multi-dimensional wine(*4).

Aroma: The fruity aromatics are thanks to grapes grown in the Wairau Valley(*4).
Palate: Intense flavours of tropical fruit, passionfruit, and citrus(*3).
Finish: It finishes clean, crisp, and dry(*3). Slight mineral notes (which come from the fruit grown in the Awatere Valley) add an extra dimension to the finish(*4).
Incredible Value: The 2020 Sauvignon Blanc from The Pass starts at just $13.99!

The Pass Wines – 2020 Pinot Gris

Like the Sauvignon Blanc, the Pinot Gris also expresses freshness and brightness(*3). It is ideal as a cool aperitif on a hot summer’s day.

Aroma: Take in the crisp, cool air of the valleys as you open this bottle.
Palate: Spice, juicy pear, crunchy apple, and refreshing citrus(*3,5).
Finish: Fresh, dry, and juicy(*3,5).
Unbeatable Price: Starting at just $13.99 per bottle, this vibrant Pinot Gris is unbeatable in value!

Looking for More Adventures?

No need to pack your bags. Every wine has the unique ability to transport you to a new destination. Breathe in the mountain air of New Zealand or taste the tropical heat of the Mediterranean.

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France? Italy? Spain? Or how about a local trip across Australia? The choice is yours.


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