One of the Largest Ranges of Half Bottles (375ml) in Sydney

Half Bottles of Wine Near Me, Half Bottle Red Wines, Champagne, Desert Wine and Prosecco.

Half Bottles of Local & Imported Bubbly & Champagne, Glistening Prosecco, Full-Bodied Red Wine & More

Delight your senses with one of the largest ranges of half bottles of wine in Sydney (and maybe even Australia). Sourced from wineries near and far, they are the ‘mini-me’ of the bottles we all love. French Champagne, glistening Italian Prosecco, and full-bodied Australian reds are just a taste of the half bottles available. Pick your wines up in-store or order online with delivery across Australia. Our team also offer free recommendations and advice to help you choose the perfect wine.

Half Bottle 2020 Little Giant Old Vine Little Wine 375ml Australia

Keep an eye out for the special ‘half bottle’ red label just like the one shown here with Little Giant’s impeccable full-bodied Little (red) Wine.

Did you know there is also a fantastic range of 375ml luscious dessert wines available? Browse our range of half bottles of reds, whites, rosès and more.

Why Do We Love Half Bottles?


They say not to do things in halves but these are certainly the exception. The demand for these dainty 375ml bottles is proof(*1). They offer two or three glasses in each bottle. Better yet – they are priced from as low as $9.99 (bargain!), and many premium brands offer half sizes as well(*2).

• Perfect for the dinner table as they are not at all imposing.
• Many half bottles have novel shapes, making them unique additions to collections.
• Perfect size for romantic picnic hampers.
• When you only want a glass or two, open a half-bottle. This is especially handy for bubbly wines that you don’t want to waste.
• Half bottles and piccolos are ideal sizes for trying new wines, without having to commit to a full bottle.
• Try a half-bottle of premium Champagne, Prosecco, Brut, Sav Blanc (and more) for a lower price.

Half Bottles of Wine Near Me, Half Bottle Dessert Wine, Champagne and Prosecco

375ml half bottles are the perfect size for dessert wines (also known as stickies). You usually only need one glass of these sweet beauties after dinner, so half-bottles are perfect!(*1)

Where Can I Find Half Bottles of Wine?

Half Bottles of Wine Near Me, Half Bottle Red Wine, Champagne and Half Bottle Prosecco. The Largest Range of Half Bottles (375ml) in Sydney

Browse the aisles of hundreds of wines including one of the biggest ranges of half bottles in Sydney in-store and online. If you are browsing online, keep an eye out for the red ‘half bottle’ sticker.

Half Bottles, Piccolos, Splits & Minis

If you are just entering the world of wine, you have no doubt already added dozens of words to your vocabulary. Now, we have a few more for you. In addition to the standard size, you can purchase half bottles which are 375ml. Then, you also have piccolos, quarter bottles, splits, and minis. The wonderful thing about all of these? They all refer to the same sized bottle – a single glass of wine at 187ml(*3).

Looking for premium wine but do not want to open a normal-sized bottle? We stock local Australian drops and import the best of the best from every corner of the world.

Contact the Summer Hill Wine Shop team for recommendations! We would be thrilled to hear from you!


Half Bottles of Wine Near Me Online, The Largest Range of Half Bottles (375ml) in Sydney




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