Best Organic Wine: Try See Saw Wines’ (Orange, NSW) Prosecco, Rosé & Sauvignon Blanc

Seesaw wines orange, Prosecco, Rose and Sauvignon Blanc, Best Organic Wine in NSW! Sustainable, Australian & Delicious!

See Saw Wines Awarded Best Organic Wine in NSW! Sustainable, Australian & Delicious!

See Saw Wines in Orange, NSW has been awarded the Best Organic Wine Award three times since 2020 by NSW Wine. In honour of this huge achievement (and in anticipation of this year’s wine awards), we want to introduce you to See Saw Wines’ 2023 Prosecco, Rosé, and Sauvignon Blanc. From the cool-climate, high-altitude wine-growing region of Orange in NSW comes a range of beautifully balanced, fresh, and silky wines you will surely enjoy.

Since 2019, See Saw Wines has officially been making delicious organic wine for all Australians and wine connoisseurs the world over to enjoy. As mentioned above, from 2020 to 2022 (inclusive), the winery held the top trophy for the Best Organic Wine Award(*1). They also took out Best Pinot Noir in NSW(*2). Awards aside, the winery is run by a humble and dedicated team who strive to not only produce award-winning and highly palatable wine but also keep sustainability front and centre in all they do(*3).

Organic Seesaw wines orange, Prosecco, Rose and Sauvignon Blanc, Best Organic Wine in NSW!

Savouring Sustainability: Exploring the Advantages of Organic Wine

Demand for organic wine is surging in Australia. Led by millennials, the popularity of organic wine is seeing a range of organic varietals hitting the shelves(*4). Organic wine offers truly unique and pure wine profiles. However, not all wineries are equipped to become organic certified and not all wineries produce the same level of quality in organic wines. It is a speciality – and one See Saw Wines have mastered(*5). The benefits of organic wine are two-fold. The wine we drink is better for our health and the planet – and it is affordable! All three wines covered in the blog start at just $17.99 per bottle which is unbelievable value.

Pure Flavour with No Synthetic or Chemical Elements to Tar the Palate

• No synthetic pesticides or herbicides are used on the grapes.
• No chemical fertilizers are used in the soil.

Reduced Sulphites (Fewer Wine-Related Headaches and Allergies)

• Sulphites are often used in wine as a preservative. Organic wines naturally see fewer or no sulphites.

Healthier, Cleaner Wine for Our Bodies

• By avoiding the consumption of harmful pesticides and herbicides, we can keep our bodies cleaner with fewer toxins.

Preserving Farmland and the Environment

• To become organic certified, vineyards have to account for every step in the winemaking process. This includes soil nutrition, nurture of the vineyard and surrounding area’s natural ecosystem and biodiversity, water management (using and wasting less water), and much more.

By choosing organic wine, we are choosing a sustainable product that we can enjoy for many years to come.

Seesaw wines orange, Prosecco, Rose and Sauvignon Blanc, Best Organic Wine in NSW! Sustainable, Australian & Delicious! Seasons

Introducing NSW’s Best Organic Wines Direct from Orange

See Saw’s 2023 Prosecco, Sauvignon Blanc & Their 2023 Scrumptious Rosé from the ‘Balance’ Range

Seesaw wines orange sauvignon blanc Best Organic Wine in NSW Australia

See Saw Wine – 2023 Organic Sauvignon Blanc

Picked in the fresh morning air, grapes for the 2023 Sauvignon Blanc were immediately pressed and fermented to capture their crispness. The cool climate characteristics of this high-altitude Sauvignon Blanc shine(*6).

Aroma: A lifted bouquet of zesty grapefruit, citrus and passionfruit with cool, sweet melon, fresh herbs and grass(*6).
Palate: Refreshing and vibrant with a burst of tropical notes mid-palate, balance and natural acidity(*6).
Finish: Natural acidity continues. Good intensity and a long finish(*6).

Price: Amazing value from only $17.99 per bottle.

See Saw Wine – 2023 Organic Rosé

The best location to drink this wine is out on the back deck in the afternoon sun with a cheese board – share with friends or treat yourself and soak up the bliss of sun, wine and cheese.

Aroma: Lively and fragrant cranberry and strawberry with a touch of thyme(*7).

• Palate: Silky and mouthwatering with soft acidity and plump strawberries(*7).

 • Finish: A balanced, refreshing (and delicious) finish.

 • Price: Brilliant Pricing for this Rose from only $17.99 per bottle.

Seesaw wines orange rose Best Organic Wine in NSW Australia
Seesaw wines orange, Prosecco Best Organic Wine in NSW Australia

See Saw Wine – 2023 Organic Prosecco

Prosecco (Glera) is only grown by See Saw in Orange and it has done incredibly well in the cool climate(*8).

• Aroma: Freshly cut pear, and honeydew melon spring to the nose amongst the sound of invigorating bubbles(*8).

Palate: Pear continues and is gently complemented by green apple (*8).

Finish: Impressive dry length with lemon acidity(*8).

Price: From just $17.99 per bottle via the Summer Hill Wine Shop store

When it is time to raise a glass, raise a glass of organic wine from Orange. Need other suggestions?

Contact us anytime in the store (7 Lackey Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130),
online or by phone (02 9798 7282).

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