Three Dark Horses Wines: Shiraz, Chardonnay, Grenache & Grenache + Touriga (2021-2023)

Three dark horses wine, 3 dark horses shiraz 2021, chardonnay,grenache and touriga. 3 Generations of Small Batch Handmade McLaren Vale Wines

Meet Matt, Alan & Frank: 3 Generations of Small Batch Handmade McLaren Vale Wines

From cherries, strawberries, blackberries, and ripe, luscious peaches to fragrant black pepper, spice, and fine, sandy tannins. Three Dark Horses have been crafting marvellous McLaren Vale wines since 2009. Their Shiraz, Chardonnay, Grenache, and Grenache and Touriga from their 2021, 2022 and 2023 vintages are nothing short of exceptional. Meet the three generations (dark horses) behind the boutique family wines in beautiful South Australia and get a taste of what to expect in your glass in our tasting notes.

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Meet the Three Dark Horses, Matt, Alan and Frank

Premium Boutique Hand-Crafted Wine Makers

3 three dark horses McLaren Vale Winery

Matt, his father Alan, and grandfather Frank, are the three dark horses. Matt apprenticed in France’s Rhône Valley and was a winemaker at Coriole (also in McLaren Vale). An unusual opportunity knocked on Matt’s door one day. It was an opportunity for a life-changing adventure – and one that warranted a few full glasses and a chat with his father and grandfather(*1,2).

Together, on their new adventure, these three dark horses started making wine completely by hand from the Romano vineyard. With the beautiful growing conditions of the region, along with old vines, including a 1964 Grenache (now a 60-year-old vine), and their unrelenting work ethic, the world (of winemaking) was their oyster(*3).

Just as Frank never misses a vintage (even now in his 90s!), the team have never wavered from their core principles of making premium boutique hand-crafted wines.

3 three dark horses wine tasting notes

Three Dark Horses 2021 Shiraz

3 three dark horses wines, grenache 2021 and 2022 Shiraz

You expect to find bountiful mouthfuls of dark, black berry fruits such as blackberry in Shiraz. You may also find hints of cocoa and spices (such as black pepper) depending on the terroir, growing conditions and climate, fermentation, ageing process, and so on(*4).

The 2022 Shiraz from Three Dark Horses is a quintessential Shiraz made with passion and the utmost care to deliver a stunning red for all to enjoy.

• Colour: Deep cherry red.
• Aroma: Dark berries, rich juicy cherries, hints of musk and spice(*5,6).
• Palate: Scrumptious dark berries swirl gently across an opulent palate(*5,7).
• Finish: Long palate and fine, elegant tannins(*5,7).
• Cellaring: Can easily be cellared for 10 or more years(*7).

Price: Buy through Summer Hill Wine Shop for $22-$29 per bottle – An absolute steal for a wine of this calibre.

Three Dark Horses 2021 Grenache

One of the original grapes used by Three Dark Horses, Grenache is treated with the utmost respect which results in a medium-full-bodied glass of heaven. Enjoy!

• Aroma: Enticing musk and sage complement a bold strawberry aroma with a touch of spice and pepper(*8,9).
• Palate: Wild fermentation and whole bunches give this wine another level of beauty. (*8,9).
• Finish: A balanced finish that incorporates good body and fine sandy tannins(*8,9).
• Price: Buy through Summer Hill Wine Shop for $22-$29 per bottle

3 three dark horses wines, grenache 2021 and 2022 Shiraz

Three Dark Horses 2023 Chardonnay

Three dark horses wine, 3 dark horses shiraz 2021 and chardonnay

Unrestrained and unrivalled, this single vineyard Chardonnay is by no means run-of-the-mill. Cold-pressed, racked with oak and then fermented with wild yeast is just the beginning(*10). On its long journey to our glasses, it was barrelled for 12 months with regular stirring of the lees(*10). Expect unique and diverse flavours from sweet peach to grilled nuts and nougat. The 2023 Chardonnay is well worth a multi-bottle purchase so you can explore its flavours today and over the coming years.

• Aroma: Exceptional aromas of vanilla, nougat and grilled nuts combined with tropical fruits and summer’s best peaches get the journey started(*10).
• Palate: The aromas carry through to a splendid textural palate(*10).
• Finish: Not too acidic but just enough to give the wine a balanced, fresh and long finish(*10).
• Cellaring: A beautiful bottle to open today, tomorrow, next month or in five or more years. We’ll be cellaring some for down the track to see how these stunning flavours develop and evolve over time.
• Price: Buy through Summer Hill Wine Shop for $22-$29 per bottle

Three Dark Horses 2022 Grenache + Touriga

A superb mingling of the McLaren Vale terroir, perfectly ripe fruit, and world-class winemaking that allows the wine to shine.

• Aroma: Raspberries and cherries dance on the nose with fragrant spices(*11).
• Palate: The palate showcases a vibrant freshness with notes of dark fruits led by black cherries. Plush and textured, fruit-forward and earthy(*11).
• Finish: The fruit lets the savoury notes and spices come through at the end to top off a complex and elegant wine(*11).
• Price: Buy through Summer Hill Wine Shop for $22-$29 per bottle

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Ask for help with your wine selection or order wine online anytime, phone 02 9798 7282, or come in and see the wine loving team at 7 Lackey Street, Summer Hill NSW 2130.

3 three dark horses grenache touriga wine
3 three dark horses 2022 Grenache + Touriga wine

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