Hentley Farm Wines, Barossa Valley: Balance, Power and Elegance

Hentley Farm 2018 Shiraz Barossa Valley Wines From Villain and Vixen Grenache and Shiraz to Sparkling

From Villain and Vixen Grenache and Shiraz to Sparkling, Rosé, Riesling, Blanc De Noir and More

Today we are looking at the award-winning Hentley Farm range. Hentley Farm is a boutique winery located in the rolling hills of the Barossa Valley, South Australia. They do a wide range of wines, from every day drinking to premium, more special occasions. In the range we have:

• 2020 Blanc De Noir.
• 2019 Rosé (Crisp Dry Rose).
2020 Eden Valley Riesling.
Villain and Vixen Grenache.
The villain and Vixen Shiraz.
2018 Hentley Farm (Estate) Shiraz.
2018 ‘The Beast’ Shiraz.

What to Expect from Hentley Farm Wines

The wines are crafted to have balance, power, and elegance – those distinct trademarks of Hentley Farm. They have vibrancy, smooth tannins and quite a big, long-reach finish on the reds. In 2015, the winery won the James Halliday winery of the year(*1). From the very bottom to the top of the range, they are all exceptional value for money.

These world-class wines (and even more from Hentley Farm) are all in stock at Summer Hill Wine Shop.

Hentley Farm Villain and Vixen Grenache, Barossa Valley Wines From Shiraz to Sparkling and more

Villain and Vixen (Grenache and Shiraz) – Hentley Farm’s Impressive Entry Level Range

The Villain and Vixen offerings from Hentley Farm provide exceptional entry-level options. Currently in stock are their Villain and Vixen Grenache and Villain and Vixen Shiraz. They are both outstanding value – getting down to $20 a bottle. They are also both good examples of the world-renowned Barossa Valley style of drinking(*1). So, if they are your first taste of the Barossa Valley, they are sure to impress (and will not be your last bottles from Hentley Farm).

2018 Hentley Farm (Estate) Shiraz

The 2018 Hentley Farm Shiraz is an estate wine at a slightly higher price point (from $26) than the Villain and Vixen range(*1). Fruit from 12 different blocks at the vineyard was carefully chosen and blended to create a wine that:

  • Respects and showcases the vineyard’s geography and the specific blocks the fruit was sourced from(*2).
  • Reflects the exceptional quality and distinct flavours of Hentley Farm.

Hentley Farm 2020 Riesling Eden Valley Wines From Villain and Vixen Grenache and Shiraz to Sparkling

2020 Hentley Farm Riesling Eden Valley

The 2020 Eden Valley Riesling was created using fruit from three Eden Valley vineyards. The mission? To produce a Riesling like no other. The result? A stellar Riesling is teeming with floral and fruit aromas. It is very dry and high on citrus tones with a passionfruit touch (*1, 4). This wine was deemed so good that it required barely any fining before bottling! (*4). It is balanced and smooth – perfect for sunny afternoons!

Hentley Farm’s 2018 Vintage ‘The Beast’ Shiraz

Moving further up the price range into the stand-out options from Hentley Farm is ‘The Beast’. It is most definitely worth bringing out for special occasions(*1). This 2018 vintage is from a D block that had a long, hot summer and delayed harvesting. This resulted in slightly slowing the ripening process, which produced magnificent, bold fruit(*3). Although this is a premium option, it is still affordable (from $85).

Do you Need Wine for a Dinner Party?

Treat your guests to a tantalising sensory experience with the Hentley Farm Wine range. They have a wine for every meal – contact us for perfect pairings.

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Learn even more about the award-winning Hentley Farm winery.




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