Soul Growers Provident Shiraz & Equilibrium Grenache Shiraz Mataro Wines (& More)

Soul Growers Shiraz Wine, Provident Equilibrium Grenache Shiraz Mataro, Reisling, Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon and Sister Rose

Soul Growers Barossa Valley GSM, Reisling, Soul Sister Rosé, Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon & Slow Grown Shiraz

Grab a glass (or two) and savour some succulent Eden and Barossa Valley red and white wines from Soul Growers.

• Provident Shiraz
Eden Valley Reisling
Soul Sister Rosé
Equilibrium GSM – Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro
Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon
Slow Grown Shiraz

Soul Growers believe the most important things in life are what is good for the soul. As you would have guessed, great wine is one of those important things (along with family, mates, food, music, and fun).

We would like to thank Soul Growers for kindly allowing us to use photos of their team and vineyard in this blog!
Without the support of local winemakers, we would not be able to provide our valued customers with the best quality information and notes on our stocked wines.

The Soul Growers Wine Range, Barossa Valley & Eden Valley

Soul Growers Shiraz Wine Cellars Barrossa Valley NSW
Soul Growers stand for everything great about the Barossa. That is shared wisdom, new ideas, mateship, and a passion for making (and enjoying) great wines(*1).
The boys specialise in small batches using traditional wine-making methods with plenty of love poured into every bottle(*2).
“The Soul Growers range we are covering today showcases richness, balance, approachability, and great value. They are certainly wines that are good for the soul!”
Alex Rogers (Summer Hill Wine Shop

Soul Growers Wine– Meet the Boys

Meet the boys who own, run, and love Soul Growers in the video below.

Soul Growers Barossa Valley and Eden Valley White, Rosé and Red Wine Notes

Soul Growers Shiraz Wine, Provident Equilibrium Grenache Shiraz Mataro, Reisling, Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon and Sister Rose

Scroll down for notes on each of the bottles of wine and links to more information and buying online. We hope you enjoy every drop!

Our Top Picks from Soul Growers’ Barossa Valley Wines

Equilibrium GSM, Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon and Provident Shiraz

Choosing only one favourite was too difficult. Choosing a top three wasn’t much easier! But the boss said we had to choose so, this is what we decided on (in no particular order):

• 2021 Equilibrium GSM.
• 2019 Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon.
• 2021 Provident Shiraz.

The entire range is brilliant so, by no means are we discounting the others. The reds are rich and full of luscious dark fruits. We also love that cellaring and then opening down the track gives another unique experience – all from the same bottle! What are your favourites? We would love to hear which ones you liked the best.

Not sure what style to choose or trying to stick to a budget? Get in touch for recommendations on what Soul Growers wines we would suggest based on the style of wine you usually enjoy.

Soul Growers 2021 Soul Sisters Rosé

Soul Growers Wines Eden Valley Riesling 2022 and Soul Sisters Rose 2021

Hey! Soul sister!

This Rosé is certainly one to share with your soul sisters (and brothers). It has gorgeous notes of strawberries and cream from Cinsault vines that are over 50 years old.

It is fresh, clean, and has a good length with a nice dry finish(*1). The 2020 vintage scored a neat 92 points from James Halliday so, it will be great to see the score for the 2021 bottle.

Blend: Cinsault and Grenache(*3).
Aroma: Lively aromatics of fresh strawberries(*1,3).
Palate: Full flavoured yet fresh and youthful(*3).
Finish: A delectable dry finish thanks to (among other brilliant winemaking techniques) cool fermenting(*3).

Soul Growers 2022 Eden Valley Riesling

The 2022 Eden Valley Riesling is the only wine we are covering today that is not from the Barossa. The Eden Valley offerings from Soul Growers are brilliant so we had to include one in our list today.

The Riesling has stacks of citrus goodness (which we love!) with high acidity and it is a dryer style of finish, similar to the Rosé(*1).

Aroma: Lifted with vivid citrus notes(*4,5).
Palate: Fresh and lively as lemons and limes continue their cha-cha from the nose through to the palate(*4,5)
Finish: If we weren’t already thrilled with the pick-me-up of bursting citrus juices, the finish doesn’t let the wine down. It is crisp, fresh, and dry(*4,5). It leaves you wanting another – especially on a sunny afternoon.
Pricing: Buy the 2022 Soul Growers Eden Valley Riesling as a single bottle for $25 or in any 6-bottle buy for $19.99.

Soul Growers 2021 Provident Shiraz

Soul Growers Wines Provident Shiraz and Equilibrium Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2021 Barros Valley

What a bottle for an entry-level red! The sweet combination of the Barossa, expert winemakers and passion make for an exquisite Shiraz(*6).

Aroma: The essence of the Barossa dances upon the senses starting with a dark red/purple hue. A generous helping of ripe, dark fruits – particularly plum notes stand out in the aroma(*1).
Palate: Just like a dapper gentleman sitting back on soft leather in a mahogany cigar room, expect full dark flavours, density, and richness from the Provident Shiraz(*1).
Finish: Long, rich and smooth finish.
Pricing: Buy the 2021 Soul Growers Provident Shiraz as a single bottle for $29 or in any 6-bottle buy for $22.

Soul Growers 2021 Equilibrium GSM – Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro

A wine that tempts the palate with juicy red fruits and a balance of spice. This GSM is medium-weighted and fun but still offers fullness of flavour and depth(*1).

“This is the perfect Barossa blend in my opinion! ”

Alex Rogers (Summer Hill Wine Shop)

Blend: Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro. Percentages of each variety depend on the fruit of each vintage to ensure a perfectly rounded GSM blended with soul(*1,7).
Aroma: Red fruits bursting at the seams and a subtle hint of spice(*1).
Palate: Medium-weighted yet full of ripe, bright, well-developed flavours that make it extremely easy to need a refill sooner than later(*7).
Finish: Truly satisfying finish.
Pricing: Buy the 2021 Soul Growers Equilibrium GSM as a single bottle for $29 or in any 6-bottle buy for $22.

The Fine Wine Club(*8) describes the 2021 GSM as “smashable…plump, succulent… easy drinking”. We 100% agree.

We completely understand if you want to share and enjoy this with a mate – or not. If you want to keep it for yourself, that’s fine too!

Soul Growers 2020 Slow Grown Shiraz

Soul Growers Wines Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon Cab Sav and Slow Grown Shiraz 2020

Next up in the range is the slow Grown Shiraz from 2020. This was a stand-out year for the winery with Stuey Bourne being awarded Barossa winemaker of the year(*9). This is an exceptional wine that is ready for immediate drinking or cellar to develop further(*1).

Aroma: Highly perfumed with dark fruits such as plums and mulberries, and a touch of spice and oak(*1).
Palate: Dense, complex, and layered with a mosaic of full flavours that carry on from the aroma(*1).
Finish: Intense, long finish.
Pricing: 2020 Soul Growers Slow Grown Shiraz as a single bottle for $60 or in any 6-bottle buy for $45.

Soul Growers 2019 Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cellar Dweller shines as a classic Barossa Cabernet Sauvignon that has been levelled up thanks to patience, dutiful ageing, exquisite fruit selection and winemaking techniques(*10). Like the Slow Grown Shiraz, the Cabernet is ideal for cellaring and/or opening for immediate enjoyment(*1).

“Oh, what a wine.”(*10).

Aroma: Beautifully aromatic with those classic dark Barossa fruits coming through.
Palate: Full-bodied with rich flavours of blackcurrants and other dark berries. Expect fine tannins, a pinch of spice and a little bit herbaceous(*1).
Finish: A fine finish worth savouring.
Pricing: 2019 Soul Growers Cellar Dweller Cabernet Sauvignon as a single bottle for $29 or in any 6-bottle buy for $22.

That wraps up our favourites from the Soul Growers range. No matter what you decide to try, we are confident you will enjoy every drop. For recommendations or to purchase your bottle, please visit the Summer Hill Wine Shop store in person or online.




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