Mollydooker Red Wine: The Boxer Shiraz, Two Left Feet, Sparkling Shiraz

Mollydooker red wine the boxer shiraz and two left feet shiraz. A Touch of Red Wine Magic McLaren Vale Wine Region SA

A Touch of Mollydooker Red Wine Magic from the McLaren Vale Wine Region, South Australia

The sweet aromas that dance on the air upon opening a bottle of sparkling Shiraz or red wine from Mollydooker never gets old. Mollydooker produces superb quality red wine – with an iconically Aussie twist. The vineyard oozes sass, humour and good vibes. While their wines may be playfully named (The Boxer, Two Left Feet, Miss Molly), they are crafted with experience and finesse.

Mollydooker Red Wine – “Don’t Walk, Run”

Consistently Receives 95 – 99 Points & Regularly Listed as Best in the World for Reds and Whites!

As world-renowned wine expert, Robert Parker said in 1999 (and reiterated again in 2006), don’t walk to pick up your Mollydooker bottles – run(*2). They have a tendency to sell out in only days after release.

Listing every single accolade Mollydooker has been awarded would make for quite a lengthy blog post. So, to give you an idea of the prestige and quality that is associated with Mollydooker, their very first ‘The Boxer’ vintage was reviewed by Parker as being #1 valued red wine globally(*2). What a review to kick off with! The Mollydooker vineyard also took second and fourth place in that same list. From there, they have five different wines scored at a phenomenal 99 points, and much more.

Mollydooker red wine the boxer shiraz, two left feet and miss molly sparkling shiraz

It’s a Kind of Magic in McLaren Vale

There is certainly a touch of magic and brilliance in these wines. They are also priced incredibly well (thus the awards for top value).

You can pick up Mollydooker wines from as low as $27 online and in-store.

A Taste of Red Wines from The Lefty’s Range from Mollydooker Wines

• 2021 The Boxer (Shiraz)
• 2021 Two Left Feet (Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot)
• 2019 Miss Molly (Sparkling Shiraz)

Mollydooker’s 2021 The Boxer Shiraz “A Total Knockout”

Mollydooker red wine A Touch of Red Wine Magic McLaren Vale Wine Region SA

Whether you are a left-handed boxer (mollydooker) or just a lover of brilliant wine, The Boxer Shiraz has everything you would expect but with the Mollydooker magic added in.

The Boxer vintages have been judged consistently as being of incredible value(*2). From $27 a bottle, we would say that is a clear TKO!

Mollydooker Fruit Weight: 65-75%(*3).
Aroma: Bold, spiced dark fruits(*4).
Palate: Soft, full mouth filled with blackberry jam, cherry, spiced plums and backed with vanilla, coffee cream and liquorice(*4).
Finish: Luscious, elegant, xx finish(*1).

Mollydooker’s 2021 Two Left Feet Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot

Mollydooker’s 2021 Two Left Feet Shiraz, Cabernet, Merlot

Fancy yourself as a bit of a groover? As Mollydooker says, after a couple of glasses of Two Left Feet, your dance moves may be slightly different! ?

Mollydooker Fruit Weight: 65-75%(*3).
Blend: Shiraz, Cabernet and Merlot.
Aroma: Dark, bursting fruits picked at the peak of the season(*5).
Palate: Those dark fruits come through with a balanced acidity, spices, and silky tannins(*5).
Finish: An effortlessly smooth finish that is packed with depth(*1,5).

Mollydooker’s 2019 Miss Molly Sparkling Shiraz

Mollydooker miss molly sparkling shiraz. A Touch of Red Wine Magic McLaren Vale Wine Region SA

Sparkling…Shiraz… Need we say more?

As the cooler months of the year ease into spring blossoms, we are all looking for a little bubble to celebrate the new season. Miss Molly brings the bold flavours balanced with youth and fun.

Mollydooker Fruit Weight: 65-75%(*3).
Aroma: Liquorice and cocoa take fresh plum and cherry for a tango on the nose.
Palate: The dancing partners continue their cha-cha through the palate. They are greeted with vanilla and fragrant oak – all leading to a stunning finish.
Finish: The bubbles and smooth, bursting flavours are unmatched. You’ll enjoy every single second of this bottle.

Be sure to serve chilled for an even more enjoyable experience!

Does Mollydooker Ring a Bell?

If Mollydooker rang a bell for you, it may be because we have mentioned the vineyard in a previous blog, Best Australian Sparkling Shiraz: Bleasdale, Mollydooker, Majella, Spinifex.

In that blog post, we discussed Australia’s best bottles of sparkling Shiraz, and of course, Mollydooker was one of our top choices.

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