Villa Jolanda Prosecco Extra Dry Sparkling Wine: Our Recommendation

Villa Jolanda Prosecco Extra Dry Sparkling White Italian Wine Near Me. Santero Wines are Available in Sydney, Delivery Around Australia

Santero Wines are Available in Sydney (and Delivery Around Australia)

Villa Jolanda’s extra dry Prosecco (DOC) is a great entry-level bubbles for anyone wanting to try a dry, white sparkling wine. If you are online looking for ‘Villa Jolanda near me’, we have you covered with shipping across Australia. Drop into the Summer Hill Wine Shop (7 Lackey St, Sydney), give us a call (02 9798 7282) or contact us online. We would love to hear from you!

Below, we give you:

• Tips on identifying true Italian Prosecco.
• Santero’s Prosecco (our recommendation)
• Tasting notes.
• Where in Sydney and across Australia you can order your bottles.

True Italian Prosecco

Prosecco is made from the glera grape variety which originated in the town (fittingly named) Prosecco in Trieste, Italy(*1,2). A true Prosecco consists of at least 85% glera grapes grown in the Prosecco region of north-eastern Italy. Common growing regions include Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto(*1). A Prosecco with less than 85% glera is considered a sparkling white wine rather than a Prosecco(*1). When buying Prosecco, look for wines made in the Italian Prosecco growing region or the labels DOC or DOCG. These labels guarantee the wine was made with genuine Italian grown glera grapes(*1).

Santero’s Villa Jolanda Extra Dry Prosecco

Santero’s state-of-the-art factory produces 20 million bottles per year to fill the worldwide demand for this iconic wine(*3). Grapes are harvested from 60 hectares of family-owned vineyards in Veneto(*4). In addition, they also source grapes from 300 other well-established vineyards in the region(*4,5). The most fragrant Prosecco comes from glera grape varieties planted on sunny slopes with controlled yields(*2). Well-watered clay soils rich in limestone produce ideal fruits(*2,4).

Guaranteed Origin

The quality of Villa Jolanda Prosecco is unmistakable. Santero’s Villa Jolanda is classed as a coming from a ‘Controlled Destination of Origin’ (DOC). Prosecco with these labels means it is guaranteed to have been made from the traditional Prosecco growing vineyards of Italy(*1).

A Taste of the Luxurious, Affordable Villa Jolanda (Extra Dry) Prosecco

Prosecco can be quite fruity however this bottle is very dry and crisp with minimal sweetness(*3). Villa Jolanda’s Prosecco is cool-fermented in stainless steel tanks. Because it is fermented this way (rather than in individual bottles), the price of the final product is affordable (from $16.99)(*4).

Serve this iconic wine chilled as an aperitif before a meal.

Aroma: Lively apple and pear aromas stir the senses.

Palate: Light and balanced with a crisp finish.

The Villa Jolanda bottle is beautifully designed and makes for a beautiful centrepiece at dinners.

Where to Buy Your Imported Italian Prosecco

Buy your bottle of Villa Jolanda Extra Dry Prosecco in-store or on the Summer Hill Wine Shop online store. Mix and match the best of the world’s imported and local sparkling whites and reds and get them all safely delivered to your door.

This summer is the perfect time to start your Prosecco journey. Open a bottle at barbeques and get-togethers (and let us know what you think!).




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