Jericho Family Wines: GSM 2017 & Tempranillo 2020 (Wine of the Month)

Jericho Family Wines: GSM 2017 & Tempranillo 2020 McLaren Vale

New Light, Full-Flavoured Reds from the Adelaide Hills & McLaren Vale

Let us introduce you! Jericho Family Wines from the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale in South Australia. We are thrilled to be introducing you to this new and exciting wine brand with a sensational range. The brand may be new, but the family has over 50 years of wine-making experience. We are also excited to announce our Red Wine of the Month for December – Jericho’s Tempranillo. In today’s blog we cover the 2020 Tempranillo and the 2017 GSM. The range from Jericho Family Wines extends well beyond these two, with exceptional offerings of:

• Rosé.
• Fiano.
• Fumé
• Fortified wines, and more(*1).

2020 Jericho Tempranillo – Red Wine of the Month (December)

Congratulations to Jericho Family Wines for being chosen as our red wine of the month! The family’s Tempranillo was a clear choice for our final wine of the month for 2020. What a perfect, light yet full-flavoured red to savour and drink to top off the year we have all had(*1). It is the perfect drop to bid farewell to this year and welcome a fresh, light, and rejuvenated 2021.

Our chosen wine of the month is a beautiful accompaniment to the warm Australian summer. Serve chilled as a cool refreshment throughout the season. This red wine is a light Spanish style Tempranillo so is easy to drink and doesn’t feel heavy(*1).

Jericho Family Wines – 50 Years of Wine-Making Experience

This family of five come with a long-grown history of winemaking and expertise in complementary fields. Heads of the family Neil and Kaye brought their three children up amongst the vineyards of Portugal and Adelaide(*2). The three children compliment the experience of their father with their own experience winemaking in:

• China
• The Clare Valley.
• McLaren Vale.
• Canada(*2).

Marketing, graphic design and accounting are all done in-house(*3). No matter what skill each family member brings to the table, they are unified by a passion and life-long love story with winemaking.

Respect for the Vineyards of the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale

Respect for the wines, the vineyards they come from and how they are matured and blended shine through in each variety. They are handcrafted in small batches to pay homage to their unique geographic location(*1). Jericho Family Wines have vineyards in the Adelaide Hills and McLaren Vale. Some wines come from single vineyards while others come from a combination depending on the fruit produced that year.

2020 Jericho Tempranillo Tasting Notes – Red Wine of the Month

Once we tried the Tempranillo from Jericho Family Wines, the decision was easy for our last red wine of the month. Made from Tempranillo grown at the Adelaide Hills vineyard, this blend is noble and delicately aged. In fact, this Spanish style Tempranillo is only aged for a short four months in old French oak barrels(*2).

Aroma: Floral and fruity(*3,4).
Palate: Floral and fruity accents continue through the palate of this dry red(*4,5).
Texture: Lightweight and easy to drink(*4).

2017 Jericho GSM – One to try!

The GSM is a full-flavoured red that is light and soft with a beautiful balance of Grenache, Shiraz and Mataro (Mourvèdre)(*1). This GSM is perfectly paired with earthy, hearty meals. Think grilled steaks and barbequed meats(*6). It is a softer, lighter style of GSM(*1).

The 2020 Tempranillo is available to purchase online or in-store. The GSM is available in-store. Please feel free to contact us for any advice or recommendations for similar wines.



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