Laughing Jack: 2018 Shiraz, GSM, and Moppa Hill wines (Barossa Valley)

Laughing Jack - Moppa Hill, GSM, Rose and Shiraz Barossa Valley Australian Wines

Have a Drink with Laughing Jack in the South Australian Gum Trees!

Laughing Jack Wines is a family-owned and operated, single vineyard. It is in the beautiful Barossa Valley in South Australia. Today we are looking at a few wines from the exceptional range from Laughing Jack Wines. We will cover their 2018 Shiraz, GSM, and the single-vineyard Moppa Hill Block 6 Shiraz. Since 1999, Laughing Jack Wines have been producing:

• Rich;
• Small-batch;
• Full-bodied wines that are excellent value for money.

Why ‘Laughing Jack’?

Laughing Jack Kookaburra - Moppa Hill, GSM, Rose and Shiraz Barossa Valley Australian Wines

The Laughing Jack Wines vineyard in the Barossa Valley is surrounded by blue and red gum trees. While out at the vineyard you can hear the iconic cackle of the Kookaburra up in the canopy. This well-known bird of the Australian bush is also known as a laughing jack – and was the inspiration for the vineyard’s name(*1).

Barossa Valley, South Australia

The gorgeous Barossa Valley is not only home to the laughing jack, but it is also home to a community rich in tradition(*2). It is a place where strangers become friends and the passion for sharing, growing, and teaching is paramount. The Barossa Valley boasts a Mediterranean climate with good rainfall and rich soils(*3). Grapes are known to be juicy with impressive, full, deep flavours.

A Family Affair in Marananga, SA

The 85-acres of Laughing Jack Wines is run by a stellar team with Carol and Ian Kalleske at the helm(*4). They’re not alone as they have their three sons, Shawn (winemaker) and Damon and Nathan (all-around superstars)(*4). Shawn’s wife is even onboard working on marketing and media for the vineyard! Finally, is ‘Uncle James’. Uncle James Verral may as well be a part of the family – especially during harvest time and preparing vintages(*4).

2018 was a Stand-Out Year for Laughing Jack Wines

The 2018 range of Laughing Jack Wines stands out in the already impressive wines from the Barossa Valley. Because we love Jack’s range and their value for money, we have included our notes on our four favourites.

2018 Laughing Jack Wines to Try Today (or Cellar)

• Greenock Shiraz
• Moppa Hill, Block 6 Shiraz
• Jack’s GSM
• Jack’s Shiraz

Laughing Jack Wines: 2018 Greenock Shiraz

2018 Greenock Shiraz was completely handpicked from the east block of the Greenock vineyard(*5,6). Expect dark berry fruits and a dark black-purple core with a crimson rim. The 2018 boasts an impeccable balance of matured French and American oak, and prominent fruit flavours(*5). This medium-full bodied wine has a velvety feel in the mouth. Pair with slow-cooked meats or simply enjoy a glass. We highly recommend trying this wine for immediate enjoyment or for a long term cellaring potential.

Laughing Jack Wines: 2018 Moppa Hill Block 6 Shiraz

Moppa Hill Shiraz takes its name from the family vineyard in Moppa, 12km north of the main estate and not far from the Greenock vineyard. This is a full-bodied red cultivated from 6-acres of Moppa’s sandy soils and loam clay(*7).

• Small batch.
• Single vineyard.
• The 2018 harvest produced indulgent and bold fruits that shine through in the Shiraz(*7).
• Look for a range of fruits including plum, cherry and elderberry with a pinch of spice and pepper from the aroma to the finish(*7).

 Order your bottle of 2018 Moppa Hill Block 6 Shiraz before they are all gone.


Laughing Jack Wines: 2018 Jack’s GSM

Typical of the Barossa Valley and Laughing Jack, the 2018 Jack’s GSM is full-flavoured, rich and juicy(*1). What makes it easy drinking is the balanced blend of(*8,9):

• 62% Grenache
• 25% Shiraz
• 13% Mourvèdre

The three complementary fruits were sourced from the Greenock and Moppa Hill vineyards(*8,9). From the floral scents to the cinnamon spice, this dark fruit wine is versatile and perfect for meals. Pair with roast lamb, tomato-based pasta, or game meats(*8).

Laughing Jack Wines: 2018 Jack’s Shiraz

The 2018 Jack’s Shiraz is a fuller, richer Shiraz. If you like the Barossa Style, you are going to love this wine. It is perfect for every day drinking so, sit back and relax (you deserve it)(*1). 2018 was the first time the vineyard included 4% fruit sourced from the Marananga vineyard(*10). In the glass, you will see a deep, dark crimson red. The first sip oozes fruit and a hint of spice. It is medium-bodied and smooth with a silky texture(*10).

The Laughing Jack Wines range is available to order online or buy in store. Our friendly team will be glad to direct you to these and any other wines you are looking for.



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