Turkey Flat Vineyards Rosé, Grenache, Pedro Ximenez & Sparkling Shiraz

Turkey Flat Vineyards Rose, Grenache, Pedro Ximenez, Sparkling Shiraz Wine

The Best Wines to Have on Christmas Day from Turkey Flat Vineyards, Barossa Valley

Whether for Christmas or for the love of wine, Turkey Flat Vineyards’ vast selection of wines has something for everyone. In stock and ready to enjoy now (or to cellar) include the following wines from Turkey Flat Vineyards: Rosé, Grenache, Shiraz, and our two top choices for Christmas day – Pedro Ximenez and Sparkling Shiraz. Read on to learn about the winery, wines on offer and tasting notes so you can pair them perfectly with meals or serve as aperitifs.

Turkey Flat Vineyards’ Quintessential Barossa Valley Terroir Wines

Each of the vineyards that make up the 76,048+ hectares in South Australia offers stylistically unique wines that showcase the local terroir(*1,2). There are even distinct differences between wines from the Eden Valley and the Barossa(*2). Shiraz from the Barossa is powerful, concentrated, earthy and has big fruit flavours. As a comparison, Shiraz from Eden Valley is more acidic and has a more delicate fruit profile due to the higher altitude and cooler climate(*2).

Turkey Flat Vineyards

Located near Tanunda Creek in the Barossa Valley is this historic vineyard. Flats filled with roaming turkeys fill the landscape – and were the inspiration for the name ‘Turkey Flat’ back in 1847. The Schulz family have been custodians of the land, growing grapes and creating world-renowned wines since the 1860s(*3).

Turkey Flat Vineyards Pedro Ximenez 375ml (#1 Wine for Christmas Day)

This is our number one choice for Christmas Day because it is like drinking a Christmas pudding! It is rich, luscious and makes for a perfect after meal treat(*4).

Aroma: This fortified wine (with brandy spirit) fills the nose with marmalade and citrus(*5).
Palate: Marmalade and citrus continue through the palate with hints of apricot and Christmas cake(*5).
Finish: Luscious and moreish(*5). How moreish? Think chocolate truffles, Christmas cake, sticky ribs, p?té, and blue cheese and you will be on the right track!
Value: Excellent value starting at $32.

2021 Turkey Flat Vineyards Dry Rosé

Put simply, this is a benchmark Australian Rosé that is pale in colour, crisp, fresh, beautifully aromatic and has a truly dry finish(*4). We could not fault it!

Aroma: On the nose, the 27th release of Turkey Flat Vineyards’ Rosé is fruity and floral with a touch of spice(*6).
Palate: Satisfying texture and body with cool spices such as caraway seed and red berries(*6).
Finish: After starting off sweet with berries, the finish is clean with a savoury, textural touch(*6).
Value: Excellent value starting at $22.

2020 Turkey Flat Vineyards Grenache

This multi-award-winning wine is medium-bodied, juicy, deeply concentrated and extremely smooth(*4).

Aroma: This old-world Grenache features dark spices and floral aromatics(*7).
Palate: The old-world aromatics continue across the palate. Expect complex spice profiles, bright fruits and strong tannins (thanks to 15% whole bunch fermentation)(*7).
Finish: Exceptionally smooth finish and an absolute dream paired with rich meats(*7).
Value: Good value for money starting at $38.

Turkey Flat Vineyards Sparkling Shiraz NV (#2 for Christmas Day Wines)

Turkey Flat Vineyards Shiraz, and NV Sparkling Shiraz Wine, Barossa Valley

The iconic viniculture tradition of the Barossa – Sparkling Shiraz. It is bold, full-flavoured, and complex(*4). Drink today or cellar for up to 10 years.

Aroma: Extremely complex from aroma to finish with dark berries such as prunes, cherries, and plums. What stands out as unique in the aroma of this Shiraz is the festivity – blueberry tart, dark chocolate, and panforte(*8).
Palate: Aromatics continue into a deeply flavoured and full-bodied palate(*8).
Finish: Lingering finish that is fine with soft tannins(*8).
Value: Good mid-range value and worth every penny, starting at $45.

2018 Turkey Flat Vineyards Shiraz (Old-Vine – 1847)

Sourced from some of the oldest Shiraz vines in the Barossa Valley (and the world) comes to this top-of-the-range Shiraz(*4).

Aroma: Fresh dark fruit aromatics emerge quickly in this full-bodied Shiraz(*9).
Palate: Versatility, power, and elegance shine with fruits, violets, clove, toast, and earth(*9).
Finish: Fine tannins with a restrained and graceful finish(*9,10).
Value: We recommend buying (from $48) one bottle to open now and one to the cellar (for around 15 years)(*10).

Whether choosing wines for Christmas day or Sunday brunch (or any day in between), Turkey Flat Vineyards have an incredible selection of high-quality wines. Purchase them in-store or online with Summer Hill Wine Shop.



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