Redbank Wines 2019 Prosecco & Brut Cuvée King Valley Sparkling Wines

Redbank Ellora and Emily Brut Cuvee. Redbank Wines 2019 and Sparkling Wines

A Sublime Prosecco & a Quick Look at the 2016 Vintage Ellora and Emily NV Sparklings

Atop the rich, volcanic soils high in the hills of northeast Victoria is Redbank Wines. They are renowned for producing quality sparkling wines such as Prosecco, Brut Cuvée and more. Their wines have fresh fruit intensity, delicate flavours and natural acidity. In addition to the 2019 Prosecco, we also stock their Ellora Brut Cuvée and Emily Brut Cuvée (both are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blends), and more. All are great quality and fantastic value for money (under $20!).

Read on to learn what makes this hallmark Prosecco so good, and feel free to scroll down for tasting notes.

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The Growers at Redbank Wines

The families behind Redbank Wines are bound by a common passion for grape growing and winemaking.

• Italian born Mr Cavedon has a rich history with grape growing. For 25 years, he and his wife have supplied Redbank Wines with premium grapes from their King Valley vineyard(*2).
• Phil and Michelle Ross own another Redbank Wines vineyard high up in the Victorian Alps at Mount Bellevue. The estate is filled with charming tales of outlaws and explorers and has a rich history of farming(*2,3).

King Valley Soil and Altitude

Most wine connoisseurs would say the grape is the champion. We agree, but what is another major factor in growing divine, ripe grapes? The soil and climate conditions. The ferrosol soil in King Valley is incredibly unique. It is deep, well-drained and rich soil that is high in acidity and free of iron oxide(*4). Upper levels of the soil are high in clay content which further enhances the excellent growing conditions(*4).

Redbank Wines’ vineyards sit at impressive heights across King Valley. Phill and Michelle Ross’s vineyard is 652m above sea level(*2). This gives them long growing periods due to the cooler weather.

2019 Redbank Wines King Valley Sparkling Cool Climate Prosecco

Redbank Prosecco King Valley, Wines 2019 Cool Climate Wines

Aroma: Elegant notes of melon and peaches(*1).
Palate: Fresh and light with apple and stone-fruit flavours – and of course, that trademark Prosecco texture that coats the mouth(*1).
Finish: Refreshing and easy drinking Prosecco(*1).

This Prosecco is an ideal choice for an aperitif. Because of its excellent value (from $16.99), you may be able to fit more than one bottle into your budget ?

Redbank Wines Ellora 2016 Vintage and Emily NV Brut Cuvées

Redbank Prosecco King Valley, Emily Chardonnay Pinot Noir, Ellora 2016 Vintage and Emily Brut Cuvee NV

Emily Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut Cuvée NV

Aroma: Delicate once again and high on fruits including apples, citrus, and pear(*5).
Palate: Starting crisp and fresh, the palate develops with a creamy texture. Expect to note lemon, green apples and cashew nuts(*5).
Finish: A fine, dry finish with crisp fruits leading the way again(*5).

Ellora Chardonnay Pinot Noir Brut Cuvée 2016 Vintage

Aroma: Freshly baked apple pie and lemon zest(*6).
Palate: Creamy texture with a citrus tang. Medium-bodied(*6).
Finish: Dry finish ending with fresh apples and lemon(*6).

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