Collet Brut Champagne, 2008 Vintage Brut & Rosé Champagne Aÿ France

Champagne Collet ay France, Collet Brut Vintage 2008 and Rose

Price, Sizes (375ml/750ml), Tasting Notes & Where to Buy French Champagne (the Perfect Apéritif!)

Between Epernay and Montagne de Reims is the engine of the renowned Champagne region – Aÿ (Ay). The region is known for making some of the world’s best sparkling wines. When thinking of Maison Collet Champagne, think apéritifs, cocktails, fine dining, finesse, and elegance. We love the Brut Champagne, 2008 Millésime vintage (exceptional!) and Rosé from Collet. The 2008 vintage is one of the best releases of Brut Champagne in recent times.

From ringing in the new year, raising a toast at a wedding or sharing a glass of bubbly with friends, there is nothing more synonymous with celebration as Brut Champagne!

Indulge with Maison Collet – Fine French Rosé and Brut Champagne

Since 1921, Collet has been creating distinct, authentic, and refined Champagnes(*1). Most of Collet’s Champagnes are made with Grand Cru or Premier grapes from the very best vineyards(*2). It is no surprise that these Champagnes are often paired with fine foods. The winery (wine house) prides themselves on crafting elegant, food-friendly Champagnes that reflect the local terroir(*2).

The Wonderful Accident of Champagne

Champagne is one of the world’s greatest accidents. The bubbles we have come to know were a result of the northern French climate dropping, causing the yeast in the white wine to hibernate and then return to fermentation when the weather warmed again(*3). By the 17th Century, the bubbles had been tamed (fewer exploding bottles). With the help of folks such as Napoleon and Russian Tsars, Champagne became known as a drink of great elegance and nobility(*3).

Collet Champagne Brut NV – 375ml and 750ml (Ay, France)

Collet’s Brut has loads of zesty citrus and we find it to be quite light, refreshing, clean, and dry(*4). This finely blended(*5) wine is aged for a minimum of three years.

• 50% Meunier.
• 30% Chardonnay.
• 20% Pinot Noir.

Aroma: Like a stroll through the meadows in spring, this aromatised bubbly dances with white flowers, apples, citrus, white peaches, and a touch of spice(*5).
Palate: Fine beads, crispness and freshness that is balanced and straightforward – a bit like a caramel biscuit(*5).
Finish: Amazing length, full-bodied, and fresh(*4).
Value: We are thrilled to have this incredible French Champagne in Australia. It is priced exceptionally well from $55 (750ml) and $34 (375ml).

Collet Brut Rosé NV Champagne (Ay France)

Champagne Collet ay France, Collet Brut Vintage 2008 and Rose Champagne.

Aged for four years (minimum), this Rosé is beautifully fragrant, fresh, and delicate(*4,6). As you would expect from Collet, this Rosé also has an excellent fine bead(*4).

  • 50% Pinot Noir.
  • 40% Chardonnay.
  • 10% Pinot Meunier.

Aroma: Sweet and delicate with subtle notes of brown sugar, orange, mandarin, mulberries, raspberries, and yellow peach(*6).
Palate: Tender and complex with a very round, silky texture and gentle effervescence. Also, expect the aromas to shine across the palate with an addition of cocoa(*6,7).
Finish: A harmonious finish that is supple, dry, and fruity(*7).
Value: Treat your senses (you deserve it) from $85.

Collet 2008 Millésime Vintage Brut Champagne (Ay France)

Champagne Collet ay France, Collet Brut served with blue cheese wine

The 2008 vintage is one of the most outstanding recent releases and is a class above the rest. It has great complexity, rare finesse, and extraordinary length(*4). The blend(*8) (below) was aged for at least eight years which is longer than the minimum period required (15 months)(*9).

  • 50% Pinot Noir.
  • 40% Chardonnay.
  • 10% Meunier.

Aroma: The nose fills with notes of vanilla, lemon, quince, and brioche, but it does not stop there. After aeration, expect rich aromas of liquorice, pomelo, and blackcurrant(*8).
Palate: The palate starts clean; freshness continues with lemon zest and pulpy fruit. The mid-palate shows good minerality(*8).
Finish: Delicate flavours backed by citrus and a sea spray make for a tasty and pure finish(*8).
Value: Napolean would have loved this! Raise a toast for $110 per bottle.

From aperitif, dinner to dessert, Collet Champagne is one the world’s best for good reason. Each wine is crafted with intention and grace.
Lift a glass to Collet this weekend and into the holiday season. Order online or purchase in-store at Summer Hill.


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