Tar and Roses Pinot Grigio 2019 – Victorian Wine Inspired by The Mediterranean

Tar and Roses Pinot Grigio 2019 Victoria, Australian Wine Online.

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The story behind Tar and Roses wines and their Pinot Grigio 2019 is awash with inspiration and passion for the craft. This Pinot Grigio from central Victoria is a culmination of new and old winemaking techniques and Mediterranean varietals. It is a truly classic Pinot Grigio that pays homage to the superb growing conditions of central Victoria.

Tar and Roses Pinot Grigio is just one of the offerings we have in stock. Choose from a huge range of Australian wine online via Summer Hill Wine Shop(*1). Here, we share with you the legacy of Tar and Roses, our tasting notes and the perfect dishes to pair this wine with.

Mediterranean Wine

There is only a handful of countries around the world with long seasons of hot, balmy climate needed to grow exquisite Mediterranean grapes. In fact, just 2% of the earth’s surface is ideal for growing the purest, ripest fruits for this style of wine(*2). Australia, Greece, Italy, and Spain are blessed with having this ideal climate.

The People Behind Tar and Roses

The idea for making Mediterranean varietals in Australia came to Narelle King and now passed Don Lewis while in Priorat, Spain(*3). Lewis had worked in winemaking for years, including four years in Mildara before arriving in Nagambie in 1973(*4). In 2001, King joined Lewis and not long after, Tar and Roses were born. ‘Tar and Roses’ are a way to describe the grape, Nebbiolo which King and Lewis grow, and the name stuck for the brand(*4).

Tar and Roses Wine

Their red grapes are grown in Heathcote, while white grapes are grown nearby with all vineyards located centrally to Nagambie(*4). Some grapes are also imported directly from Spain(*3). Two of the vineyards are located quite high in altitude which gives the wine its classical peach and pear flavours. The two vineyards located in the slightly warmer climates give the wine a nice tropical touch(*5).

The wines are all hand-crafted with hours of dedication given to vine care, the maturation process, closely monitoring temperature and acid levels during fermentation, all the way to the final bottling process(*3). Since opening their doors, the Tar and Roses team have won countless awards(*4).

Our Tar and Roses Pick – The 2019 Pinot Grigio from Victoria

The 2019 Pinot Grigio is a luscious, quite dry, long, and crisp wine(*5). It is a great match for seafood dishes such as snapper or prawns.

Colour: Due to the wine spending a small amount of time on skins, it has a light pink/bronze colour.

Palate and Aroma: The palate is generous with quite a lot of stone fruit and classic nashi pear flavours. You’ll also find a touch of citrus in the mix. Great texture and a crisp, dry finish.

Where to Buy

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Tar and Roses Pinot Grigio 2019 Victoria, Australian Wine Online. Victorian Wine Inspired by The Mediterranean


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