World-Renowned Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen Wines

Stanton and Killeen’s Rutherglen Classic Muscat, Rutherglen Wines include Tawny and Vintage Fortified 2013

Have you tried Stanton and Killeen Fortified Wines?

If you are just starting your tastings of fortified, there is no better starting point than Stanton and Killeen’s Rutherglen Classic Muscat. Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen Wines include Muscat, Tawny, Topaque and Vintage Fortified 2013.

Here we are taking a closer look at their Muscat. Whenever you fill your glass with Stanton and Killeen, expect a complete sensory experience. From the colour, bountiful aromas, palate, viscosity and the flavours that linger on the palate. Be prepared to come back for a second glass.

Seven generations of viticulture, winemaking, and family history go into every Stanton and Killeen wine.


Rutherglen is located on the Victorian side of the Victoria and New South Wales border. The town and surrounding area boast world-class wineries and local produce such as olives and chocolate(*1). Surrounded by idyllic natural landscapes and the Murray River, Rutherglen has become a foodie and nature lovers paradise. The climate is perfect for grape growing with warm, sunny days and cool nights(*2).

Stanton and Killeen Celebrate Their 145th Anniversary

The Stanton and Killeen estate was established in the 1850s by the Stanton family who had arrived from England in search of gold(*3). Their sights quickly turned to wine-producing. 145 years on, and seven generations later, it is now run by mother-daughter team, Natasha and Wendy Killeen. The winery continues to produce award-winning wine(*4). There are so many stand-outs and unique selections available from this winery. The Killeen family, their viticulturist and winemaker create rich yet perfectly balanced fortified wines, ports, rosés, sparkling wines, luscious, bold reds and more.

Stanton and Killeen Rutherglen Classic Muscat

They offer wine lovers an abundance of varieties to choose from. Today, we’re having a close look at their young, fresh Rutherglen Muscat.

But first, what should you expect from a classic Muscat? Beautiful aromas, lusciousness, and viscosity. The secrets to the best Muscat are a touch of rose petals and raisins(*5). Drink in a glass with a nice wide bowl so you can swirl the wine and smell the aromas. A quality Muscat should be a sensory experience from the colour, aroma to the palate(*5).

Stanton and Killeen’s Classic Barrel-Aged Rutherglen Muscat

The 12-year-old barrel-aged Muscat is ready to drink and does not need any further cellaring. It can be left open for three or four weeks, up to a couple of months allowing you to savour and take your time with every drop(*6).

All their Muscats are rich and luscious although every variety is unique and worth trying. We recommend tasting a few different varieties from their range. You’ll be sure to find a favourite.

As Spring approaches, we recommend ordering Stanton and Killeen’s Classic barrel-aged Rutherglen Muscat(*7). As Wendy Killeen(*5) said, Muscat is a sensory experience, and this bottle is a prime example of this. Expect a rich, luscious Muscat with good viscosity and flavour.

• Colour: Rich orange-amber in colour reminiscent of a classic Muscat.
Aroma: Raisins, rose petals, orange blossom and lavender.
• Palate: Christmas pudding, cocoa, raisin and dry figs.

S&K’s Muscat turns simple dishes such as poached fruits into heavenly desserts. Serve at room temperature during winter or chill for a cool dessert in the summer(*8).

If you’re looking to try a few varieties from Stanton and Killeen, you can’t go past their fortified vintage or 12-year-old classic Muscat (which is incredibly popular).

Where to Buy

Order Stanton and Killeen online and get your bottles delivered to you anywhere in Australia. If you are in the Sydney area or travelling nearby, you are more than welcome to come into our shop in Summer Hill.

Browse our selection, and if you have any questions, our trusted team will be more than happy to help you. The entire Rutherglen collection sets the benchmark in quality and is great value with single bottles starting at just $24.

Other popular Stanton and Killeen varieties include the Rutherglen Classic Tawny and Rutherglen Topaque.

Stanton and Killeen’s Rutherglen Classic Muscat, Rutherglen Wines include Muscat and Topaque



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