Virtual Vintner and South Australian Shiraz Culminate in Johnny Q Shiraz 2015

Johnny Q South Australian Shiraz 2015

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What does an expert winemaker do when they don’t own a vineyard? Family man, Johnny Quarisa, and his partner may not own a vineyard but they are successful vintners. In today’s blog, we’re exploring the world of virtual wineries and tasting the Johnny Q Shiraz 2015. Johnny Q Shiraz is a South Australian Shiraz that is bottled in Melbourne while it’s owners live in central NSW. It is an impressive and affordable Australian made wine for Australian and global palates.

Virtual Winemakers

Some winemakers spend years cultivating their vineyards to, years later produce the fruit they want. They then go on to perfecting the ideal blends and maturation(*1). After this, they start advertising and promoting their wines. Although this traditional method of winemaking still exists and succeeds, another path was followed by Johnny Quarisa.

No Vineyard? No Problem for Johnny Quarisa

What do those with decades of winemaking experience do if they haven’t spent the last 20 years working in their vineyard?(*2). They skip purchasing real estate, soil perfection and vine cultivation, and partner with an existing vineyard. This allows them their choice of fruit, partnerships with vineyards anywhere in the world, and the time to focus on promoting their wine(*2).

Some virtual vintners spend a lot of time at their chosen wineries, regularly tasting the fruits and blends, and even helping with harvests(*1). Meanwhile, others opt to spend more time building the wine brand and expanding their markets.

Johnny Q Shiraz

Quarisa is a well-known international wine judge with decades of experience in the wine industry, including time with McWilliams, Nugen, and Casella wineries(*3).

Quarisa has an uncanny ability to translate his technical knowledge and research into an easy-drinking glass of red or white.

Johnny Quarisa spent years visiting vineyards across Australia to find the perfect fruits for his wines. He wanted to establish a new brand of wine at a specific price point for Australian and overseas wine drinkers. In South Australia, he found the fruit and the winery team he would spend the next two years with to perfect Johnny Q Shiraz(*4). For 12 months, Johnny Quarisa worked with a bottling company in Melbourne to develop the bottling process.

These days, Johnny Q doesn’t need to be on-site at the winery or at the bottling facility. The relationships and trust he has built with the wineries and bottling facility allow him the ability to step away and focus on other aspects of the business(*4).

Johnny Q Shiraz 2015 Tasting Notes

Johnny Quarisa is a light-hearted, down-to-earth, Australian country-man. Q has nurtured and grown his winemaking knowledge and expertise. Quarisa, his wife, and his family’s passion and understanding of wine can be tasted in every bottle(*5). Johnny Q Shiraz is a direct reflection of the man himself and the years of work put into crafting an affordable, easy-drinking red with plenty of flavour.

Blend: Full-bodied Shiraz.

Palate: Really opulent red berry fruit with some dark fruits in the mix as well. Not too spicy – more fruit-focused.

Finish: Soft and smooth on the finish.

 The 2015 Johnny Q Shiraz is an easy-going, full-bodied red that is excellent value – coming down to $10.99 per bottle(*6).

 Buy In-Store or Online

Purchase your bottle of Johnny Q Shiraz 2015 in-store or online via the Summer Hill Online Wine Shop. This is a great value brand that is gaining in popularity. Mix and match Johnny Q wines and get your order delivered or prepared for you to pick up in-store.

Shiraz isn’t the only offering from the Johnny Q brand. You can also find Johnny Q:

  • Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Shiraz Viognier.
  • Sparkling Brut.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon

Browse all of these wines and tasting notes on our website.

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