Saint & Scholar: Graduates Sparkling White & Pinot Gris Wines, SA

Saint and Scholar Wine, Adelaide Hills, Pinot Gris and Sparkling Wines. Meet Stephen Dew the Saint, Reid Bosward the Scholar

Meet Stephen Dew (the Saint) & Reid Bosward (the Scholar) from the Adelaide Hills

Saint and Scholar winery in the beautiful Adelaide Hills is home to the Graduates Sparkling White and Pinot Gris wines. It is a lovely pure, clean, cool-climate area. The winery’s story is about two mates obsessed with crafting single-vineyard wines at affordable prices. Summer Hill Wine Shop is a massive fan of these bright, bubbly, colourful labels. They sure do catch your eye when you are browsing through the store! The Pinot Gris is a focused and fragrant style of wine. The sparkling (made from 100% Pinot Noir) offers fruit purity and savoury complexities.

They are the perfect accompaniment to a nice afternoon setting with your favourite mixed deli platter.

We hope you enjoy this blog and our video review! Read on for more information plus tasting notes and where (and how) to buy your bottles of Saint and Scholar.

The Saint and the Scholar: Stephen Dew and Reid Bosward Winery, Adelaide Hills, SA

Mates and incredible winemakers, Stephen Dew and Reid Bosward are the Saint and Scholar(*1). Their wines reflect their vast and extensive experience. Although they say the winery is the hidden gem of the Adelaide Hills(*2), we think they are also hidden gems! Winemaking is a life-long passion they are both incredibly passionate about. Although this is a young brand, it is ladened with decades of experience, knowledge, and love. Stephen may be a wine saint however his holiness did not help the winery in their first two years of business. The first year, the winery experienced floods and in the second year, fires(*2). The local environment is key with the natural landscape being considered and cared for every step of the way. Stephen and Reid even planted their vines around the Old River Red Gums on the property(*2). We are so thankful they are doing what they do best (creating glorious wine) (and not pursuing business school)!

Saint and Scholar: 2021 Pinot Gris Wine

The 2021 French style Pinot Gris has a stack of varietal complexity(*3,4). In a nutshell, it is beautifully refreshing and easy drinking.

Aroma: Pear, kiwi fruit and melon invite your senses to a tropical party(*4).
Palate: It is rich and textured and has a remarkably balanced acidity(*3).
Finish: Long, sensuous finish bursting with melon, pear, and kiwi fruit(*5).
Value: Cheaper than most takeaway dinners and far more satisfying! Buy from only $17.99 per bottle.

Saint and Scholar: Graduates Sparkling White NV Wine

Saint and Scholar Wine, Adelaide Hills, Pinot Gris and Sparkling Wines

This sparkling white wine is made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. It offers notes of peaches, strawberries, and citrus. It also has some subtle savoury complexity, and clean and balanced acidity(*4).

Aroma: White peaches, citrus and strawberry blossom, and lemon zest enchant the senses(*6).
Palate: A delightful and balanced palate teeming with nectarine and lime, and clean acidity(*6).
Finish: Refreshing, clean and crisp finish – in a word, ‘sublime’(*6).
Value: Pamper the soul (and your tastebuds) for only $19.99 per bottle.

Both wines are ready for immediate enjoyment. Be sure to serve them cold and enjoy with a mixed deli platter or grazing plate. Easily order online to save time or drop into the store to pick up your bottle.


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