2020 Palm Rosé Cuvée by Château De L’Escarelle Winery in France

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100% Organic French Château Rosé (Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault) with a Fresh, Dry Finish

Deep in the picturesque hills of Provence, in southern France is Château De L’Escarelle winery. The dreamy Mediterranean landscape is the ideal backdrop for growing their heavenly vines. The estate’s 100 hectares are nestled within 1,000 hectares of protected wild spaces. It is here Palm Rosé starts its journey before arriving beautifully bottled and ready to enjoy in Australia. The 2020 Cuvée is nothing short of sensual and elegant.

Château De L’Escarelle Winery

Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Caladoc and Rolle flourish in the Mediterranean climate in the south of France(*1,2). The rich limestone pebble soils sweep across the vineyard, terraces and the hills of Montagne de la Loube(*2,3). Careful plot selection gives each wine a unique character, expression, and sophistication(*2).

An Organic, Self-Renewing and Sustainable French Winery

Organic French Winery, 2020 Palm Rosé Cuvée by Château De L’Escarelle Winery in France

The owner, Yann Pineau is committed to maintaining the estate’s natural biodiversity. In 2016, Château De L’Escarelle received level three (highest level) HVE certification. To achieve this incredible milestone, the winery underwent a comprehensive assessment. Everything from farming practices, water usage, air quality, pesticides used to the local flora and fauna were examined(*4).

Also, the winery invited the French League for Bird Protection to review the estate(*2). In their report, they recorded more than 95 species of butterflies. The butterflies have since become the focus of a preservation project and a butterfly garden(*2,4).

Over three years from 2017, the winery underwent conversion to become 100% organic. The 2020 Palm Rosé is one of the very first 100% organic releases from the vineyard(*4).

What is Cuvée?

Cuvée is a French term used most often to describe a blended wine. Sometimes it is used to show a wine has sophistication although there is no official regulation or standard for this. In any case, we certainly love how it rolls off the tongue. Koo-vay anyone? (*5)

Château De L’Escarelle 2020 Palm Rosé

Tasting Notes and Food Pairing

French Vineyard 2020 Palm Rosé Cuvée by Château De L’Escarelle Winery in France

The 2020 Palm Rosé is made from a Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault cuvée blend(*6). The radiant pink with bronze hue is thanks to an early morning harvest(*1,6). We would describe it as being a delicate, fresh, subtle, and lively style of French Rosé. Also present is the trademark crisp and dry finish of a Provence Rosé(*1).

Aroma: Lively yet subtle notes of summer fruit, notably blackcurrant and raspberry (*1,3,6).
Palate: A lively and striking palate with notes of redcurrant(*6).
Finish: Crisp and dry(*1).
Value: For the price of this Rosé (from $18.99), it is great value for money.

2020 Palm Rosé Food Pairings

Whether you need an aperitif or an accompaniment to wood-fired pizza, this Rosé is easy-drinking and (very) enjoyable.

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