Introducing – Mercer Wines NSW Family Vineyards

Mercer Family Wines NSW Hunter Valley Vineyards, Rose 2021 Shiraz Nouveau, Nero d’Avola, Nebbiolo Rosato, Rouge

2021 Shiraz Nouveau, Nero d’Avola, Nebbiolo Rosato and Rosé, Rouge (Preservative-Free)

Are you looking for fresh, new recommendations of Australian wines to try? Let us introduce you to Mercer Wines in the Hunter Valley. The family-run winery sources fruit from estates across NSW. Look out for the vineyard’s 2021 Shiraz Nouveau, Nero, and Nebbiolo Rosato. They also make a gorgeous preservative-free Rouge (Shiraz & Montepulciano blend) and Rosé. Be confident offering Mercer Wines to everyone at a party because they are also vegan-friendly. Today’s blog covers everything you need to know about Mercer Wines (short of giving you a taste of the real thing!).


Paving the Way: Modern, Australian, Sustainable, Preservative-Free Wines

Mercer Wines’ sustainably grown fruits give traditional styles (and varietals) a modern update. The branding and labelling are clean and minimalist which is perfectly balanced by the bursting, fresh flavours offered within each bottle. Mercer Wines have been slowly expanding to new sustainable terroirs and estates across NSW for years. Head winemaker, and co-owner, Aaron Mercer’s 20+ years of winemaking experience at vineyards around the world shine through in the winery’s practices, and creativity(*1-3).

Aaron and Allison Mercer are paving the future of organic, sustainable, low sulphite, and preservative-free winemaking in Australia.

Mercer Wines Preservative-Free (PF) Hunter Valley Rosé and Rouge - Nothing But Good Vibes!

Mercer Family Wines NSW Hunter Valley Vineyards, Rose 2021 and Rouge (Preservative-Free)

2021 Mercer Wines Preservative-Free Rosé

Inspired by Aaron’s time spent in southern France, this Rosé offers tantalising aromas and youthfulness while remaining subtle and delicate(*4).

• Blend: 100% Hunter Valley Shiraz.
Aroma: Florals such as pink gum nut blossoms, cherries, and strawberries(*3).
Palate: Pops of juiciness are paired with fresh acidity. This wine is clean, crisp and dry with a hint of sweetness(*1,3).
Finish: Length and balance are just right(*3).
Price: From $16.99.

2021 Mercer Wines Preservative-Free Rouge (Hilltops & Central Ranges)

• Blend: Shiraz and Montepulciano(*5).
Aroma: Dark, ripe, juicy black and red fruits and berries, herbs and spices – and earthiness upon opening(*5,6).
Palate: Medium-bodied and complex with developing fruit flavours – yet delicate and balanced with soft tannins(*5,6).
Finish: Balanced minerality with further development of juicy berries(*5).
Price: From $16.99.

Mercer Wines 2021 Shiraz Nouveau, Nero & Nebbiolo Rosato

Mercer Family Wines NSW Hunter Valley Vineyards, Rose 2021 Shiraz Nouveau, Nero d’Avola, Nebbiolo Rosato, Rouge (Preservative-Free)

The Shiraz and Nero are both fresh, vibrant, and juicy. The Rosato (Rosé) is clean, crisp, and dry. The Nebbiolo grape is a superb choice for making Rosé and it shines in Mercer’s 2021 Rosato(*1). Because they are aged in stainless steel, they offer a pure expression of the varietals themselves(*1). In summer, if you want to, the reds can be cooled in the fridge and served chilled. All three of these wines can be picked up for as little as $22 in a six-bottle buy or $29 for a single bottle.

2021 Shiraz Nouveau

An early Hunter Valley harvest resulted in a youthful, bouncy Shiraz with good tannins, fruit purity and minimal sulphites. The delicateness of the Nouveau is sustainably recreated each year and is stored in stainless steel rather than ageing in oak. This light Shiraz is a perfect accompaniment to your favourite roast chicken meal(*7).

• Aroma: Unexpected notes and flavours such as sour cherry, violets, silty coffee, and small ripe berries popping with juice(*8).
Palate: Medium-bodied with ripe dark fruits such as sour cherry and juicy boysenberry(*7).
Finish: Impressive length that finishes with a pinch of pepper(*7).

 NB: The availability of this 2021 Shiraz is reducing quickly. Pick up your bottle before they are all gone.

2021 Nero d’Avola (Red Wine) – Organically Grown in Canowindra, NSW

Nero d’Avola, although a little lighter, is tempting Shiraz drinkers to convert to Sicily’s native red wine grape(*9). It grows well in Australia’s rich, fertile, volcanic soils and is fast becoming a favourite across the country(*9). It is also drought tolerant and maintains its own acidity during periods of low rainfall incredibly well(*9).

• Aroma: Exotic spices and punchy native florals(*9,10).
• Palate: Sultry, tempting, and complex with spicy tannins and luscious sour cherries(*9,10).
Finish: Superb length.

Are you ready to try Nero d’Avola?

2021 Nebbiolo Rosato (Rosé) From the Hilltops in NSW’s Central Ranges

A modern example of the classic Rosato made from Nebbiolo grapes(*11). This grape is the pride of Italy and is a must-try.

Mercer Family Wines NSW Hunter Valley Vineyards Quote

• Aroma: Spice, blood orange, peach and rose petals(*11).
Palate: Dry, finely structured with a tang of citrus(*11).
Finish: A delectable, balanced finish.

A fine Rosé that is excellent value for money.

Mercer Wines have a generous range of innovative, modern wines that respect traditional blends and winemaking methods. Browse the Mercer Wines range at the Summer Hill Wine Shop store or online.

You can find the Summer Hill Wine Shop in Summer Hill in Sydney.


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