Food Friendly Italian Wines – Maretti Langhe Rosso, Chianti & Barolo

Maretti Wines from Italy, chianti 2020 Langhe rosso 2018

Maretti Wines’ 2020 Langhe Rosso (Nebbiolo), 2020 Chianti & 2016 Barolo

Today we are looking at some sensational reds from Italy’s Maretti wines. If you like Nebbiolo, slightly tannic, medium-to-full bodied reds, Maretti’s Langhe Rosso, Chianti and Barolo are for you. Fruit for these amazing wines comes from some of the finest regions in Italy. Local growers started making their own wines rather than selling all their fruit to other winemakers, so the Maretti label was born. P.S. You’ll be forgiven if you spell it Marreti instead of Maretti – we know what you mean ?

Maretti is a contemporary Italian brand that delivers classic styles of wines with freshness and flavour, and they are perfect for food pairings. The three sensational reds in the range we are reviewing are:

• 2020 Langhe Rosso.
• 2020 Chianti.
• 2016 Barolo.

Langhe, Italy – Home of Some of Maretti’s Wines

Only one hour’s drive south of Turin and 30 minutes from Alba in Italy’s south is the fine wine region known as Langhe, Piedmont. The region’s hilly landscape, elevation, rich clay soils and gorgeous sun and snow holiday weather make for impressive wines (with incredible complexity)(*1). The acidic Nebbiolo grape grows particularly well in this climate. Late ripening allows the fruit to develop full and interesting flavours, with fruits offering impressive tannic structures(*1). Langhe wines reached the global market in the 1800s. Ever since, winemaking has been core to the local people’s passions and economy(*1).

Ora di Mangiare! It is time to Eat (and Drink Maretti Wines)!

Maretti Langhe Wines Nebbiolo Rosso 2018, Chianti 2020 and Barolo 2016. Food Friendly Italian Wines

Food Pairings for Maretti Langhe Red Wines

As the weather warms up here in Australia, there is no better time to put together a freshly made Italian dinner for friends and family. If you are going to savour fine Italian red wine, why not share the joy? – Italian style (with food). As they say in Italy ora di mangiare! It is time to eat!

If you are not much of a home chef, keep dinner simple with a family favourite like spaghetti bolognaise (bolognese). If you want to get a little adventurous in the kitchen, try making the pasta or sauce. Think slow-cooked rich tomato sauces with tender, juicy meat – ragu is perfect! Or egg pasta swirled in butter sauce, parsley, and parmesan cheese(*1).

Oh! Do not forget dessert. Rich dark chocolate, pistachios and hazelnuts are perfect accompaniments(*1).

Maretti Langhe Wines Nebbiolo Rosso 2018, Chianti 2020 and Barolo 2016. Food Friendly Italian Wines Rosso, Chianti & Barolo

First off is the blue label from Maretti called Rosso(*2). This is easily one of the best Rosso’s from Maretti for almost two decades!(*3)

Blend: 75% Barolo and 25% Nebbiolo(*2).
Aroma: Fruit and floral fragrances(*3).
Palate: Medium-bodied and well-balanced with beautifully lifted fruit(*2,4).
Finish: Quite an easy drinking style of wine(*2).

Single bottle – $25 or any 6 bottles – $19.99

Maretti 2020 Chianti Review and Price

Second, is the red label Chianti – a super food-friendly red wine. It offers fine acidity, a good edge of minerality, and a splendid balance between fruitiness and savoury (olive) flavours(*5).

Blend: 100% Sangiovese(*2).
Aroma: Mixed red berry fruits and dried herbs(*2).
Palate: Fine grain tannins and a bright and fresh palate(*5).
Finish: Exceptionally clean, dry finish(*2).

Single bottle – $25 or any 6 bottles – $19.99

Maretti 2016 Barolo Review and Price

Maretti Langhe Wines Nebbiolo Rosso 2018, Chianti 2020 and Barolo 2016.

Finally, we have the Barolo which you can enjoy now or cellar. This is the flagship wine in the range which is no surprise because it is delicious. The Barolo can be picked up for around $50 and offers exceptional value for money. Barolos of this quality are usually priced around $100.

Blend: 100% Nebbiolo(*2).
Aroma: Elegant rose and spice perfume(*6).
Palate: Soft but full flavours, exceptional tannin structure, and exceptional complexity(*2).
Finish: Well-balanced and long-lasting(*6).

Single bottle – $68 or any 6 bottles – $50

All three are ready for immediate consumption but also offer medium to long-term cellaring potential.

Next time you are in store and you are looking for something to match with your next Italian meal, we would definitely recommend one of these three from Maretti!

Ora di mangiare!




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