The Fun Wines from Pete’s Pure – Enjoy the Shiraz, Prosecco and Many More Wines now!

Pete's pure prosecco wine 2020

Where to Buy, Tasting Notes and Prices for Pete’s Pure Wine Range

While browsing our wines, look out for a vintage-style label with an illustration of a man with a big, bushy beard. This is Pete’s Pure wines from the southern Murray Darling region. From the Prosecco, Shiraz, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir to the Sauvignon Blanc – you are sure to be impressed.

Pete's pure prosecco wine 2020 Treasures

The bottle’s design would be fitting in the cabin of a pirate ship. However, we can assure you that there are no pirates in the Murray Darling region making wine! What we are sure of is this incredibly fertile and rich part of our country is producing a vast range of delicious wines. The fruits are fresh and the wines themselves are enchanting.

Read on for where and how to buy Pete’s Pure Wine, tasting notes for the Prosecco and Shiraz, and prices.

What is Pete’s Pure Wine All About?

Pete’s Pure Wine is located near the NSW, SA, and VIC borders in the Southern Murray Darling. The rolling ancient land is teaming with richness, fertility, sun, and rain – the perfect conditions for grape growing(*1).

The wines are designed to be simple, drinkable, and affordable for everyone. These wines are so drinkable that they may not make it to the cellar – which is perfect because they have been created to be enjoyed fresh and young(*2).

Sustainable Viticulture in the Murray Darling

the Australian Murray Darling

The Murray Darling is one of Australia’s most important environmental areas(*3). It is home to two-thirds of Australia’s agricultural output(*4) and is where countless birds, mammals, reptiles, and aquamarine life call home. With many being endangered, it is up to landowners to maintain the ecosystem. This responsibility has not been lost on Pete’s Pure Wine.

Pete’s Pure Wine gives credit for the vibrant flavours and consistency of their wines to the natural environment and the hard work of their viticulturists(*1). Through sustainable viticultural practices, the winery’s team can give the vines the absolute best chances of success while maintaining local biodiversity. Organic pest control, fertiliser and all-natural products are used to keep the soil in pristine condition while protecting waterways and animal life(*1).

Pete’s Pure Wine Range: Shiraz, Prosecco, and More!

Petes Pure Sauv Blanc and Pinot Grigio Wine Australia

We are focussing on the tasting notes of only two of Pete’s Pure Wines today – but they are all wonderful wines. In addition to the 2020 Prosecco and Shiraz, you may also enjoy the following(*4):

• Crisp and dry 2021 Pinot Grigio.
Fruit forward 2021 Sauvignon Blanc.
Light and fruity 2021 Pinot Noir.

Pete’s Pure Wine 2020 Prosecco and 2020 Shiraz Tasting Notes

Petes pure wine pinot noir and shiraz 2020 Murray Darling

Each bottle in the range is made of a lightweight glass which adds to the novelty. As you would have gathered, we also adore the label! It is unique and has plenty of character. What is on the inside also gets the thumbs up from us.

Tip: Most of the wines in the range are vegan-friendly and make for great gifts.

Pete’s Pure Prosecco

This fun and fresh Prosecco is a sweet straw-yellow colour with divine light bubbles(*4,5). Due to its lightness, it is a lovely starter or a fantastic way to balance a rich dessert. 

Aroma: Sweet flowers and peaches.
Palate: Sweet Rennet apples and tropical pineapple.
Finish: Light and bubbly.
Price: From $11.99.

Pete’s Pure Wine 2020 Shiraz

The Shiraz is a fuller-bodied red which pays homage to the variety(*4,6). It is deep, earthy, and mature while still being youthful and energetic(*4,6).

Aroma: Vibrant fruity aroma.
Palate: Pure fruit flavours stand tall. Expect big notes of blackberry and mulberry, earthy forest, a distinguishing note of sarsaparilla, dusty oak, and vanilla.
Finish: Excellent tannin-driven textural finish with great length.
Price: From $9.99.

Drop by the store or get in contact for more recommendations! We are open 7 days!


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