How to Choose the Right Online Wine Shop for You

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Online Wine Shopping, Delivery, Price, Selection and Expertise

Whether you are a seasoned online shopper or new to the online shopping world, there are a few standards every customer should expect.

  • Good value.
  • Stock availability.
  • Staff who are experts on the products and who can confidently answer questions.
  • Customer service as good as that found in-store.
  • Guarantees on delivery.
  • Support that is easy to access for all enquiries.

When it comes to buying wine online, delivery is more important than ever. Wine can be spoiled in extreme heat, and glass bottles are at risk of breaking during transport. Choosing a trusted, experienced online wine shop is only second to choosing the right wine.

Here is how to choose the right online wine retailer for hassle-free purchases, deliveries, care and service.

How to Choose an Online Wine Shop

One of the ways to decide which online wine shop is right for you is to consider the type of wine shopper you are and what the wine shop is offering.

Do you want a quick shop? A retailer who keeps your favourites in-stock and competitively priced? Some people prefer to browse, to find out what is new or most popular. A special event, big announcement or simply a well-deserved treat may call for a limited release or rare drop from the top shelf.

Revel in Hidden Gems

Get Better Value and Access to Larger Wine Selections

You may be surprised to find some local boutique wine sellers fit all these criteria, and then some. Independent, Australian owned boutique wine shops are becoming ever-popular. Why? Because they extend their traditional quality service and expertise to the online customer. They have extensive wine selections, good-value pricing and, they are delivering.

Boutique wine retailers have:

  • Excellent selections as they specialise in wine only. Some retailers have more than 1,500 wines to choose from;
  • They know who their regular customers are and will keep them in mind when ordering new stock. They also communicate stock levels clearly;
  • Competitive pricing;
  • A lifelong passion for wine;
  • Knowledge, experience and care, and;
  • Staff who can guide you through their entire

Online wine shops who value every drop in their cellar instil confidence because they care as much about wine as you do. They are available to answer questions and guide customers towards wine selections best suited to their tastes. And – they will offer peace of mind through thoughtful delivery services, guarantees and return policies.

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