A Taste of the Best-Selling Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir

A Taste of the Best-Selling Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir. Get Your Bottle Delivered from Summer Hill’s Online Wine Shop. White wine sparkling champagne buy today.


Get Your Bottle Delivered from Summer Hill’s Online Wine Shop

Here, we give you a taste of the history and passion poured into each glass at Hentley Farm. We cover our stand-out pick from 2019 – the 2019 Vintage Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir and, where to get your bottle.

Australian Winemakers

The international wine industry is buzzing with talent. Australian winemakers sit amongst the best in the world. With our variety in temperature, soil types, rain and sun across the country, we have some of the best conditions for vineyard estates.

Barossa Valley

A region which has become synonymous with winemaking and wine tasting is the Barossa Valley. The rich soils give way to fertile farmland, rolling mountains and flowing creeks. Some of Australia’s most beloved wines come from the humble historic towns and farms in the valley. One such winery (and restaurant) is found at Hentley Farm. Set on a serene natural backdrop is the restored homestead of the estate which was first built in 1840.

The sweeping hillside and Greenock Creek – The specially selected location – The care put into planting and nurturing every vine on the estate. All are reflected in the distinctive flavours of Hentley Farm wines.

Hentley Farm Wines

Located in Seppeltsfield in the beautiful Barossa Valley is the Hentley Farm winery estate. Before acquiring the vineyard, owners Alison and Keith Hentschke did extensive research on the soil and climate of the area. They wanted to find the ultimate location in growing conditions for what would become, their prized wines. 12 years later, their first release of wine reached shelves. The response was a roaring success.
Since then, the winery has won countless awards including winery of the year in the James Halliday Wine Companion. Locals and visitors to the area can visit the cellar door and dine at the restaurant’s estate.

Our Pick – The 2019 Vintage Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir

The 2019 Vintage Blanc De Noir is a stand out in the already exceptional offerings from Hentley Farm.

This polished blend is fruity, well-rounded and perfect for warm summer evenings.
Blend: It is a blend of Pinot Noir, Grenache and a touch of Chardonnay. The Chardonnay gives the wine a little more bodyweight and texture.
Bouquet: The bouquet is characterised by red berries – strawberries, raspberries and cranberries. The berry aromas are long-lasting on the palate. The blend’s complexity is enhanced by the roasted almond character.

The 2019 Vintage Blanc De Noir is a richer, fuller style but is well-balanced, crisp, dry and has a good long end.

Where to Buy

Buy your bottle of Hentley Farm Blanc de Noir at the Summer Hill Online Wine Shop now. Mix and match to enjoy a selection of the world’s most highly rated reds, whites, rosés, sparkling wines and champagnes.

If you are in Sydney or passing through, please feel free to visit our shop in Summer Hill. The team would be glad to help you with your wine selection.

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