Annabelle’s Rosé: Jim Barry Single & Multi Vineyard Wines, Coonawarra

Jim Barry wines Coonawarra Annabelles Rose Single Vineyard. Jim was the first qualified winemaker to work in the Clare Valley SA

Now… To Buy More Vineyards and Release More Wine Named After the Rest of the Grandchildren

The arrival of the first grandchild is a time of celebration for many grandparents. For the Jim Barry (Wines) family, the birth of their granddaughter, Annabelle coincided with the purchase of a new single vineyard and the release of the 2022 Rosé. So, it made perfect sense to name both after her…. That was until Annabelle had a baby sister…. and two cousins. Heads up Coonawarra and the Clare Valley! The Barry family may be looking for more land to name after the rest of their grandchildren! 😀

Did You Know?

Jim Barry Was the First Qualified Winemaker in the Clare Valley

Jim was the first qualified winemaker to work in the Clare Valley and is recognised as a benchmark producer(*1,2). It was in 1946, in his final year of study that Mr Jim Barry started working in the Clare Valley. While there, he met Nancy whom he proposed to only six weeks later and then married(*2). Since then, all the work he and his wife, Nancy put into the very first estate has grown and blossomed into a highly successful winery.

The family has continued the wine tradition with Peter Barry following Jim, and now Tom as the third-generation winemaker(*2,3).

Shiraz and Riesling from Jim Barry

The McRae Wood Shiraz, Florita Riesling, Lodge Hill Reisling

Jim Barry wines Coonawarra Annabelles Rose Single Vineyard. Jim was the first qualified winemaker in the Clare Valley

Although this blog is about the 2022 Annabelle’s Rosé, the Shiraz and Riesling offerings from Jim Barry are not to be missed!

“Brooding, Textural, Rich and Dark.”
• 2018 The McRae Wood Shiraz – From $24 (half-bottle)

 “Clean, Sharp Citrus, Intoxicating Florals.”
• 2021 The Florita Riesling – From $24 (half-bottle)
• The Florita is highly regarded as Jim Barry’s flagship Riesling(*1).

“High Altitude Riesling with Good Minerality.”
• 2022 Lodge Hill Riesling – From $19.99
• An excellent entry-level Riesling from the Clare Valley(*1).



Annabelle’s Rosé from Jim Barry Wine

Coonawarra, Clare Valley

THIS is the Rosé we have been waiting to open!

There is no better time than the middle of Summer to enjoy a refreshing glass of chilled Rosé from Jim Barry(*1). They say we eat with our eyes. It may be safe to say we drink with our eyes as well.

The warm, fruity hues of this Rosé are further accentuated by the pretty pink native florals on the label.

What a gorgeous bottle to be named in honour of Peter Barry’s first grandchild!
Now, how does Annabelle’s Rosé taste?

Read on for tasting notes, pricing and where to purchase your bottle.

Jim Barry wines Coonawarra Annabelles Rose Single Vineyard. Jim was the first qualified winemaker to work in the Clare Valley

Tasting Notes

Annabelle’s Rosé, Jim Barry Wines

Aroma: Freshly cut strawberries, raspberries, pink flowers, and a hint of red currant leaf on the nose.(*1,4).
Palate: With lifted florals, rose hip and fresh wild strawberry flavours, the palate has a clean line and displays all the hallmarks of summer.1,4).
Finish: Long, crisp, and dry finish(*1,4).
Price: Superb value and easy drinking from just $17.99 per bottle.

Open and savour now or cellar until Annabelle’s first day at prep (five or so years)(*4).

Keeping Wine in the Family – Novel Baby Names

Most people don’t make wine or buy vineyards that they name after their children or grandchildren. However, naming babies after wine is becoming popular.

Some names aren’t much of a stretch. For example, Sarah (name inspired by Syrah) or Rose (Rosé)(*5). Meanwhile, others such as Cherina, inspired by Cherverny are more creative.

There could be worse things than having a few more Merlots in the world. What do you think?

Secure your bottle or add to a mixed collection of six bottles for a discounted price. Order in-store, by phone or online. Pick-up and delivery are available.

 Cheers (and happy new year!)


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