Holm Oak Pinot Noir 2020 Tasmania: Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Recipes

Holm Oak Pinot Noir 2020 Tasmania: Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Recipes, Tamar Valley’s Holm Oak vineyards

Top Australian Chefs Pair Game Meats with Cool-Climate Pinot Noir (Links to Recipes)

In today’s blog, we are heading down to the southern-most state of Australia, where fine food is just out the back door. Tamar Valley’s Holm Oak vineyards offer a superb selection of wines, including the 2020 Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Pinot Chardonnay Sparkling. The 2020 Pinot Noir is, in our opinion, the star of this collection. It is a dry Pinot Noir exhibiting spice, flavours of strawberry and cherries and is perfect to pair with game meats. Meet Bec and Tim Duffy of Holm Oak, discover tasting notes and get inspired to cook (and pair this wine) with home-cooked fine food.


Cool-Climate Wine from the Tamar Valley, Tasmania – Home of the Holm Oak Winery and Vineyards


Vineyards and apple orchards flourish against the backdrop of the Tamar River(*1). Upper Tamar Valley Pinot Noirs are renowned for being heady, full-bodied, and rich in cherry flavours(*2). Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Riesling are the jewels of Tasmanian wine, and with good reason. The cool climate gives way to long, warm sunny autumns making for lovely, long ripening periods(*3). Highly skilled and sophisticated winemakers use centuries-old techniques to turn harvested fruits into sophisticated bottled wine(*3).


Baked Quail with Holm Oak Pinot Noir 2020 Tasmania: Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Recipes
Baked Quail with Holm Oak Pinot Noir 2020 Tasmania: Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Recipes

Holm Oak Vineyards, Tasmania: Quick Facts

Let’s take a quick look at Holm Oak vineyards(*4).

• Established: 2006 (original vine plantings were in 1983)(*5).
• Owners: Husband and wife duo, Bec (winemaker) and Tim Duffy (viticulturist).
• Approach to winemaking: Creative, innovative, yet traditional.
• Haliday Winery Rating: 5 stars.

In addition to growing all the fruit on the estate, Bec and Tim also do all the bottling. Rainfall is good, so minimal irrigation is required, saving Australia’s precious water supplies. Harvesting and pruning are completed by hand with machinery only used on specific varieties. Bec and Tim use a mixture of organic and minimal soft chemistry(*5).

Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Recipes: 2020 Holm Oak Pinot Noir, Tasmania

A Powerful and Complex Wine Made From a Fusion of Traditional and Modern Techniques

Holm Oak Pinot Noir 2020 Tasmania: Tasting Notes & Food Pairing Recipes

The notes of strawberries, plump cherries, and spice of the 2020 Pinot Noir match perfectly with game meats(*6,7). Holm Oak recommends pairing with quail(*8). Australian chefs recommend cooking with fatty fish like salmon or a tender roast chicken are great matches.

Aroma: An earthy style with notes of red cherry, strawberry, and spices(*6).
Palate: Rich and smooth with fine tannins(*6).
Finish: Brilliant acidity and smooth tannins continue through the finish of this complex wine(*7).
Value: Affordable enough to buy a bottle to cook with and a second to drink. Priced from $25 per bottle.

Top Game Recipes for Pinot Noir From Australia’s Best Chefs

Feeling like cooking with some different ingredients?

• This quail recipe features a Pinot Noir sauce. While making this sauce, don’t forget to pour a glass for the chef!
• Head to this website for even more great ideas on food pairings, specifically with Pinot Noir.

For more food pairing ideas and wines to try from Australia and abroad, contact the Summer Hill Wine Shop team today.



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