2022 Logan Clementine Pinot Gris Central Ranges

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2022 Logan Clementine Pinot Gris Central Ranges – A little sassy, full of vitality and a touch of boldness, each of the wines in the Clementine range has much in common with their namesake, the winemaker’s adorable daughter, Clementine ‘Minnie’ Logan.

Clementine is a truly orange wine. Grown in the cold-climate of Orange, NSW, the orange colour is a result of fermenting the pinot gris on its own skins, providing the stunning colour, delicious texture and crunchy tang. And this orange wine is very Clementine, which is not only a delicious mandarin-like fruit (between a Mediterranean citrus and a sweet orange) but the name of the winemaker’s little girl who is also a wonderful mix of sweetness and spice and all things nice.

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