2021 Logan Clementine Blushing Minnie Central Ranges

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2021 Logan Clementine Blushing Minnie Central Ranges – A little sassy, full of vitality and a touch of boldness, each of the wines in the Clementine range has much in common with their namesake, the winemaker’s adorable daughter, Clementine ‘Minnie’ Logan.

Fermenting whites on their skins and reds as whole intact bunches results in distinctive colours, delicious textures and all kinds of crunchy, salty, tangy, yummy fresh flavours with a distinctive twist. Lots of fun.

Red wine can be way too serious. Not this young lady. Named after their cheeky little girl, Blushing Minnie is a fun red blend (with a white grape thrown in) that keeps things light, pretty and deliciously juicy. Think red fruits, flowers, a little bit of spice and happy days.

Best drunk chilled when it’s warm, or warm when it’s chilly, for any occasion that’s not so serious.

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