2022 JC’s Own Bluebird Grenache Riverland

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2022 JC’s Own Bluebird Grenache Riverland – Jaysen always gets mesmerised when he sees a flock of birds floating and drifting in the wind. It brings a sense of freedom and joy to him. He knew the Bluebird is the symbol of happiness so he had a concept for the label – he just needed the wine!

So with this idea floating about in his head, he set out to make a great drink that brings a true sense of delight. He found an east facing vineyard in the shallow soils of the Riverland that just gets the morning sun – no baked flavours here. He got rid of the stalks and just fermented this as whole berries.

Just before coffee in the morning and after a cold beer in the afternoon he quickly give it a plunge by hand, nothing to serious or strenuous. It’s bottled early to catch the brightness he is looking for, meaning it’s dangerously drinkable whenever you need a pick me up.

A medium style Grenache which already has a quite open and fragrant nose. The palate is silky and smooth with flavours of blue and blackberries dusted with fine tannins and a touch of spice. Length is long and generous, everything perfectly in place and ready for immediate consumption.

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