2021 JC’s Own Ferine Grenache Barossa Valley

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2021 JC’s Own Ferine Grenache Barossa Valley – Jaysen loves Grenache, he loves its versatility and it’s drinkability. He was mostly drawn to getting involved with the process and leaning to more textural, structured and savoury versions. Then one day he got to thinking, what about just doing nothing and let the grapes do the work.

So he chucked a few bins of hand picked Grenache into a tank wit a bit of CO2, sealed the lid and came back several weeks later. When he lifted the lid he was hit with a whole lot of gassy funk, but in a really good way. It was wild and feral but mostly intoxicating.

So for a few weeks after he just jumped on top of these bunches, breaking them up, in real terms to build structure, but mostly to get lost in the ferine like smells that filled the air.

This is an evolution of the once known “Little Monster” done by Jaysen.

A medium bodied Grenache which pulses with vibrant red berries, confectionery like raspberries and a good mix of spice. The perfectly integrated dusting of tannin gives this wine structure and focus. Another seamless Grenache with a whole bunch of charisma!

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