2022 Hentley Farm Villain & Vixen Grenache Barossa Valley

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2022 Hentley Farm Villain & Vixen Grenache Barossa Valley – Old school winemaking has it that big is best – not so, Hentley Farm say, as villains against convention they favour vixen-like elegance with soft silky tannins, bright fruit, great balance and rich, complex flavours.

100% Grenache which is a regional Barossa blend, including sites from; Western Barossa and Williamstown.

The wine has a complex, intense and vibrant flavour profile. Think strawberries, raspberries and turkish delight. A medium-bodied Grenache with mid-palate tannin focus. Fleshy and juicy with clean acidity and fruit balance.

Barossa Grenache which is dangerously easy to drink.

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