2020 Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir Gippsland

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2020 Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir Gippsland – Wines at Bass Phillip are handcrafted with strict scientific analysis and monitored with rigorous quality control. However the story doesn’t end there, the real essence of Bass Phillip’s wine production is to allow the forces of nature to maintain control. Minimal human intervention is practiced wherever possible – no irrigation/pesticides/fertilizers, minimal pumping/filtration, natural yeast and no fining agents.

High density planting is one of the approaches taken by Bass Phillip to prove that Australia can produce a jaw-dropping Pinot that is comparable with the best from the Pinot Monarch – Burgundy, France. And although a single vine at Bass Phillip barely makes half a bottle of wine, the highly perfumed nose, robust flavors, exquisite textures, profound complexity and minerality contained in each bottle provide a justification for this practice.

Rich aroma of nuts, brioche and oak. As soon as it hits your tongue it has driving power pushing deep into the back palate. At this point the finish is rather shy but lingers with tangy, sweet stone-fruit. It promises to show more complexity & texture.

After a few hours – Mouthfilling mid-palate with gentle stone fruits; plenty of earthy, fungal complexity. Fine acidity integrated with a very long, lingering, soft tannin which stimulates the back palate for several minutes. The mouth fills with saliva generated from the back. Classical Bass Phillip Reserve wine with fruits more subdued at this stage. Needs many years to slowly build across the palate.

After 24 hours – No longer shy, displaying powerful and diverse flavours deeply into the back palate. More complex and more powerful than yesterday. True to style.

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