2023 Simon Tolley Pinot Noir Rose Adelaide Hills

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2023 Simon Tolley Pinot Noir Rose Adelaide Hills – Simon Tolley Wines are firm believers that great wine is made in the vineyard. To this end no stone is unturned to grow the best quality fruit they can on theiy family vineyard at Woodside in the Adelaide Hills. To grow the best fruit, they need to select not only the right site but also the right clone to deliver the results that they want to achieve in the finished wine. For Rosé, they have chosen MV6. This is one of the most highly rated Pinot Noir clones and was first registered in Australia in 1974. Small berries and bunches, rarely over-crops, later ripening. This clone is noted for excellent colour, dense, full bodied wines. A versatile clone particularly for rosé but also for sparkling and table wines.

A lovely light pink colour with strawberries and musk flavours with a soft flavoursome mid palate.

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