2023 Riversdale Estate Scorpio Pinot Noir Tasmania

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2023 Riversdale Estate Scorpio Pinot Noir Tasmania – Riversdale is a unique property that has seen consistent quality derive from the very soils that lay upon the banks, slopes, and flats of today. Whether this be in the quality of the livestock born from the lands, the quality of the pastures that fed the valley or to the now intense juices which flow from the grapes planted within the unique terroir; all contribute to exemplifying the pure expression of Riversdale, and expression one can now taste 200 years since the land was first cultivated.

This family owned winery produces exceptional cool climate fruit which create these outstanding wines. Every berry gets treated with the utmost care. 100% Estate grown and bottled.

Beautifully aromatic with vibrant red fruits and earthy notes. The palate is soft and delicate with red cherry and strawberry notes. Gentle tannins and balance acid work to give the wine an excellent structure. Food friendly and read for immediate enjoyment.

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