2023 Pete’s Pure Shiraz Rose South East Australia

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2023 Pete’s Pure Shiraz Rose South East Australia – All of the Pete’s Pure wines are a pure expression of the variety and are bottled in lightweight glass, come from vineyards that are responsibly irrigated and proudly declare their origins.

This is a Rose full of perky red fruited aromas, from strawberry to apple with hints of watermelon and rose petal on the side. There is just the faintest hit of citrus twang that adds an element of surprise, along with a dash of creaminess.

On the palate, delicious red berry fruits burst into the mouth, along with boiled lolly characters and spice. Crunchy acidity ensures the mouthfeel retains freshness and balance, along with dashes of minerality and texture that adds structure. Thanks to the long dry finish, this example offers up as the perfect summer drink.

Be daring and enjoy Pete’s Pure as it is – delicious and uncomplicated, perfect for any occasion.

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