2023 Oxford Landing Estates Chardonnay South Australia

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2023 Oxford Landing Estates Chardonnay South Australia – At Oxford Landing, they like to ‘keep it real’. That means maintaining a sense of perspective and recognising what really matters. Remembering where they came from and being proud of their roots. And making wines that are a true reflection of the place they come from.

Oh, for the love of tenderly made Chardonnay. There’s just a whisper of oak in this bright, pure example of the variety. Citrus, native Australian flora, lemon myrtle, honey and peach seduce the senses. A lemon line twang (taught, like a tightrope) tiptoes through the palate with perfect balance (hey there natural acidity). A 40% natural fermentation approach contributed to the complexity and a hint of nougat adds an extra dimension to a Chardy with both character and attitude. Delish.

Enjoy with prawn and preserved lemon cous cous salad or chickpea, avocado, coriander and lime salad.

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