2023 Ocean Eight Pinot Gris Mornington Peninsula

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2023 Ocean Eight Pinot Gris Mornington Peninsula – The first aroma is not fruity at all; indeed it is barrel derived matchstick complexity, yum. Immediately after this you are virtually bombarded with fruit, including tangerine, mandarin and pears, making it an exotic mix.

All these fruit flavours fill a rich and textured palate, a desirable character of low yielding concentrated Pinot Gris. The finish is dry to some, slightly sweet to others depending upon individual threshold but the crisp acid finish is evident to all. The combination of richness and crispness give the wine versatility in food matching.

A clean and crisp acid finish, the wine will develop a nice oily mouthfeel with longer time in bottle. This wine is ageing very nicely and will keep for 4-7 years for optimal drinking potential.

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