2023 Helm Half Dry Riesling Canberra

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2023 Helm Half Dry Riesling Canberra – This is a style of Riesling which is very popular in Germany, where is it is known as Halbtrocken (Half Dry). It is a particularly good accompaniment to spicy dishes as the slight sweetness in the wine balances the spice and heat. This is the 12th vintage of this very popular style, and each year they fine tune balance between flavour, acid and sweetness.

The wine has a floral nose. Delicious sweet fruit flavours balanced by crisp citrus acid. Lime cordial and apricots on the middle palate. A clean lingering finish.

A lovely wine to enjoy on a summer’s afternoon. Perfectly paired with spicy Thai or Indian curries where the sweetness of the wine balances out the heat.

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