2022 Wickhams Road Pinot Noir Whitlands

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2022 Wickhams Road Pinot Noir Whitlands – Made by the guys over at Hoddles Creek comes this sensational range of Wickhams Road wines.

High above the King Valley between Wangaratta and Mansfield in northeast Victoria, Baxendale’s Vineyard occupies most of a remnant portion of plateau deriving from a tertiary lava flow originating near Tolmie, to the south. It comprises moderate to steep slopes, facing north and east and varying in altitude between 560 and 620 metres above sea level. At this elevation, daytime temperatures are typically 2- 3?C cooler than the adjacent valley floor. This enhances flavour development and acid retention. The sloping topography eliminates frost danger and favourable air movement across exposed slopes allows minimal use of fungicides.

Expect notes of abundant red berries, cherries, and dried herbs. Some savoury complexity and chalky tannin give excellent structure. Length in long, smooth and satisfying.

An exceptional example of Victorian Pinot at an absolute bargain price!

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