2022 Unico Zelo Jungle Jungle Dolcetto Clare Valley

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2022 Unico Zelo Jungle Jungle Dolcetto Clare Valley – Inspired by an intense passion for the land, Unico Zelo craft wines to showcase the unique sites and soils that Australia has to offer – in styles that are typified by the life and culture of this sunburnt country – from varieties that require minimal intervention.

A foray into a very exciting piece of dirt – known as Polish Hill River (Clare Valley). Unico Zelo once told themselves, that if they weren’t looking at the Adelaide Hills for the best sites for their varieties – it’d be Clare Valley. Inland, continental climate warms days and cold nights. Not to mention slate-ridden soils that pebble all through the vineyard. It’s the sort of thing that winemakers live for – and we’re pleased to say their punt on this family-owned vineyard has paid off.

Known as the ‘little sweet one’ in its homeland – although all the Dolcetto crafted there are most definitely dry. It’s the impression of fruit sweetness (or juiciness) that gives an effect of confection – smells sweet, tastes dry. This cheeky Dolcetto is no different – an aromatic, bright and tight little dry red that’s absolutely perfect for chilling down and drinking (rather quickly) during those warm balmy days, when whites just don’t cut the mustard.

A nose of bright, maraschino cherries, plums and red fruit – with smoothening palate weight and svelte tannin structure, without sacrificing a tightening acidity.

It’s a creative wine for creatives – great results from Dolcetto-Sangria too! The general rule that Unico Zelo live by – if you’re eating with your hands – you need Dolcetto on the table.

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