2022 Unico Zelo Alluvium Fiano Adelaide Hills

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2022 Unico Zelo Alluvium Fiano Adelaide Hills – Inspired by an intense passion for the land, Unico Zelo craft wines to showcase the unique sites and soils that Australia has to offer – in styles that are typified by the life and culture of this sunburnt country – from varieties that require minimal intervention.

Ever had a wine that tastes like you’re drinking a lazer? Well, Unico Zelo have made one – Alluvium. They’ve worked with the epic Mylkappa Vineyards, which are just around the corner from their Gumeracha winery in Birdwood, who planted this Fiano (along with some Nero) only a few years ago – you wouldn’t pick it after tasting this. Due to the Adelaide Hills cooler climate, Alluvium shows absolutely pristine citrus qualities, brimming with grapefruit and lime zest but the real hallmark of this wine is it’s lean, clean and mean mineral structure. It’s like licking ceviche off a wet rock – if you’re into that kind of thing…

Unico Zelo might just be the Aussie kings of Fiano?!

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