2022 Teusner The G Grenache Barossa Valley

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2022 Teusner The G Grenache Barossa Valley – Once “The G” is discovered  it can never be forgotten…

Grenache is  the hidden variety of the  Barossa, it’s almost been a secret until now. This unsung hero is 100% Grenache, juicy and generous…did I mention it’s also vegan friendly?

Sourced from vineyards located around the perimeter of most of the entire valley! The increasing elevations of these locations brings cooler nights and impacts the grapes to enhance bright acidities and freshness with supporting but not intrusive tannin. The benefit of sourcing from all over the valley is complexity!

It’s only just medium bodied, which, when combined with the bright acidity and the complex but fresh aromatic makes it such a refreshing and enjoyable drink, that can be enjoyed with almost any food!

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