2022 Sew & Sew Sashiko Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills

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2022 Sew & Sew Sashiko Pinot Gris Adelaide Hills – Sew & Sew is a partnership between friends who strive to create beautiful hand crafted products made with passion. They believe that the vineyards create their own patterns; whether it be from sun, water, soil structure or insect behaviour. Predicting and embracing these patterns allows for the creation of high-quality balanced fruit. Thinking about the bigger picture helps deliver their memorable wines.

The parcels are selected to suit the season, reflect the vintage and allow the terroir to shine through the wine. Utilising the unique opportunity of both growing grapes and making wine from diverse vineyards.

Exceptional clarity of colour. The nose is abundant with pear, lifted with hints of blossom. Pear and blossom continue on the palate, where it is met with apple and citrus. A delicious and wonderfully refreshing wine with a lovely mouth feel.

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