2022 Masso Antico Fiano Salento Italy

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2022 Masso Antico Fiano Salento Italy – Masso Antico is an eclectic range of wines from Southern Italy. Produced in the provinces of Puglia and Abruzzo by winemakers Daniele and Carlo. Masso Antico wines are modern interpretations of classic local grape varieties.

Grapes are picked up manually and placed in small cases. Once in the cellar, part of the grapes undergoes a drying process at controlled humidity and temperature. Thanks to this process, the grapes lose weight and the sugar level and aromas are enhanced. Vinification takes place in stainless steel tanks where the liquid acquires complexity and structure. Fermentation follows and part of the wine is matured in wooden barrels for 3 months, then blended with the other wine and bottled.

A straw yellow color and elegant aromas of fruit and almonds, citrus and tropical notes. In the mouth it is fresh and harmonic, with a long and pleasant finish.

It is a perfect accompaniment for all courses; ideal with raw or cooked crustaceans, light sauces and fresh cheeses.

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