2022 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Chardonnay Yarra Valley

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2022 Hoddles Creek Estate 1er Chardonnay Yarra Valley – A better understanding of their vineyards has led them to believe that certain blocks excel year after year. These blocks have always been treated separately to enable them to fine tune viticulture and winemaking in the thought of releasing some single block wines in the future. Well that time has come. Their Top Paddock vineyard was originally planted to 100 per cent Pinot Noir. In 2003, they decided to graft one block over to the Bernard clones of Chardonnay (95, 96, 277). They selected the best clones and the most balanced vines for cuttings. The block they selected was Easterly facing on the crest of the hill. They were always fascinated how Chardonnay on this block would go. The vineyard is 50 metres higher in altitude than the existing Chardonnay block.

Chardonnay from the Top Paddock has always had a different growth structure than their normal Chardonnay blocks. Positioned on top of the hill has meant the vines have had to work harder as the soils are poorer. Crop levels are never an issue with this block, with natural crop levels at one tone per acre. Minimal shoot thinning and positioning occurs in Spring. After this, they let the vines sort itself out.

In the winery, they treat this wine as they would normally treat all their Chardonnay. The Chardonnay is picked in the early morning, and refrigerated down to 2?C for 12 hours. Then it is gentle destemmed, not crushed and pressed into tank. The juice is left to settle clear for 7 days with no enzyme or acid addition. The wine is then fermented till dryness using cultered and natural yeasts. The wine remains in cask for 12 months with occasional battonage. The wine is not filtered, not fined, or stabilized before bottling.

The vintage was a delight. Cool weather without rain events or heat spikes, has resulted in a wine with substance. Fuller than the 2020 1ER Chardonnay but not without poise or structure. This wine will be long lived and think one of the best 1ER Chardonnay’s they have made.

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