2022 Giaconda Nantua Les Deux Pinot Noir Beechworth

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2022 Giaconda Nantua Les Deux Pinot Noir Beechworth – Giaconda are one of Australia’s power house wineries producing some of the very best wines to come not only out of Beechworth but Australia as a whole. Most known for their incredibly powerful Chardonnay, with Shiraz and Nebbiolo not far behind. Kinzbrunner’s signature style is a rare combination of power and finesse.

An earthy, red fruit laden pinot noir that looks more Burgundian than Australian, given its savoury edge and tannin structure. The cooler year has delivered more in a red-fruited spectrum, pretty and dainty but nonetheless with a traditional spine of tannin. This wine will reach maturity earlier and we expect it will develop forest floor characters (the tell-tale signs are there) adding another dimension. A most enjoyable savoury wine, where all facets; fruit, tannin, acid and oak are all pulling in unison. This wine has a satisfying sense of harmony and controlled richness.

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