2021 Adelina Estate Grenache Clare Valley

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2021 Adelina Estate Grenache Clare Valley – Nestled up against Wendouree and Aberfeldy, and originally planted in the early 1900s, Springfarm is one of the Clare’s oldest vineyards. Today it is finally well on its way to becoming one of its most significant. Last year – eight years after beginning the transition to organics – Col McBryde and Jen Gardner achieved the official paperwork for their vineyard.

Each vine can be visited anywhere from eight to 12 times a growing season: for pruning, tying down, shoot-thinning, hoeing, fruit-thinning and then hand-picking. This kind of diligence and endeavour has given the Springfarm vineyard a new lease of life and saw it rightly nominated as a finalist for the Young Gun of Wine’s 2021 Vineyard of the Year.

This comes from a two-acre parcel of Adelina Estate vines, planted in 1942 on deep grey sandy loam on a clay base. It’s a plot known as the Springvale Block, or sometimes simply Block Two, and it’s just a stone’s throw away from the iconic Wendouree vineyard. Col McBryde knows his wines and he’s an unabashed fan of the legendary Château Rayas. Taking that lead, his aim here has always been to produce a Grenache of great finesse and perfume from these old Estate vines.

In the bottle, Adelina’s Grenache has never tasted finer – it’s extraordinarily refined in style and chock-full of character and nuance. This is a Burgundy lover’s Grenache, an Australian Rayas. If you like finesse, prettiness and wines that sing of their birthplace, than this is the wine for you. Unbelievably good value.

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