2020 Pour Le Vin Bonne Mine Grenache Rose France

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2020 Pour Le Vin Bonne Mine Grenache Rose France – Pour Le Vin is an energetic range of wines made from grapes sourced in the Languedoc and Gascony, providing the perfect balance between ripeness and freshness. They are made to showcase the best of French winemaking, and with a selection of five different grape varieties there is a wine for every occasion.

Each wine is named after a different French idiom that represents its style and personality. These are wines made for sharing and socialising, and their labels are great conversation starters! Bonne Mine literally translates as “Nice face”, but is used when someone is looking well. Grenache Noir is gently pressed and the bright, delicate colour from its skin is preserved alongside the ripe, crunchy, red fruit flavours.

Light, crisp and dry. The perfect Summer drink.

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